Dear Uncle Sam,

by Frank Lee

Dear Uncle Sam,

You know I ain't like you much,
but, hey, Uncle Sam,
I'm down on my luck,

Well, you see, I got me a wife,
and Mr. Sam, man,
I got me two kids,

And you know,
Uncle Sam,
I'm up to here in bills,
(that I'll never pay)

And you know,
that it was never this way.
Well, the DOW it took all my savings away.

Dear Uncle Sam,
you know I don't like you all that much.
And you know I ain't one to ask for a free lunch.

But, you see, my job they ain't got no money left.
So they fired me and burnt down what was left
of a business that had been around for atleast thirty years
and me, i'm not the only one drownig my tears in beers.

Dear Uncle Sam,
tell me what to do,
you know you don't like me and, well
I don't like you.

But, we've been through a lot
and you've earned my trust,
and if it means a truce,
well then I must.

Dear Uncle Sam,
get me a welfare check,
Hey Mr. Sam,
get me a welfare check,
Cause Hey Mr. Sam,
I ain't got no money left,

And you know Uncle Sam,
I got me a house and 2 kids,
and for now i got a wife,
but i guess we'll see on that

Dear Uncle Sam,
you know we all aint like you much
but hey Mr. Sam
we're all down on our luck.

So Dear Uncle Sam,
do something for us please,
cause Hey Mr. Sam,
I don't like to be on my knees.


Posted on 10/18/2008
Copyright © 2018 Frank Lee

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 10/19/08 at 05:43 AM

Great lyrical approach and style. I'd love to hear this thing under an acoustic guitar setting.

Posted by Scott Utley on 01/02/09 at 09:42 PM

BRILLiantt!!!!!!!!!!!! Uncle Skum Sam (and I think I can say this being as I am more qualified to be regarded as son of all the mothers and fathers who created this teetering masterpiece call America - text me for resume - But I am what Benjamin Franklyn prayed for on his death bed when he ask that the future souls of our great colonies have the ability to think free into revolution and towards a real free democracy when one one administration steals our soul - or tries to anyway - that task is not in their socerer's power. Stinkybotchedmuckmouth Sam is a good for nothing agitator for banks, insurance companies, and energy interests! (Let's not forget incestious pedphilic herion addict.) Nationalizing these institution is coming fast - I kid you not you skumssuccing power broking thug dated bad acid trip - money will get you as far as men's detention downtown LA - Our weapons trump yours by 2000 years of careful planning - plus - with your egos - if i slapped in your pasdded silicomn face you'd hang your ugly face - But I digress- get use to it goof balls - I, and those of my ilkj and we are the majority - most not as raged or dramatic as I but FOHIIRT%&* EM will gladly give my life if i must to uphold our sacred constitution which directs you and I to arm ourselves for a fight to the death if the rulers that be piss away our freedom liberty and equality with malice a for thought - and do not believe it's about money - no - these freaks - bush - the evil mother Cheny and Saint Haliburton de Medici's pee-ons are having a holy war which dates back to the Crusades and Knights Templar (All handsome wealthy clever to a point homosexuals- does doesn't make mistakes - he just makes fabulous holy men even more so - and if you think I am off - i will put up my IQ - education - foresight, brilliance in economic theory and theology up to yours anytime - so -agree or you are not Jefferson's American and you are not invited to my party. WAR ARM FOR WAR SAYS THE CONSTITUTION

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