Lakeside Standard Time

by Tricia Marie Miel

It was close to midnight, Darling
When you happened upon our game
I smiled an invitation
You declined all the same
I've always been lucky in cards
But I never bet I'd lose my heart
As I gained you as a friend

It's 5:20 and we're pressed for time, Darling
And you've got me talking
About my self-defense
But you'd rather do battle with
Forged by the anvil of your will
And neither arms-lengthing
Nor the chainmail on my sleeve
Could shield my beating heart
From the inflections of your speech
After all this time, able to move me still

It's 9:10 in the evening Darling
And the lights bounce off the water
Reflections of songs captured in full color
This bridge we've crossed
Is but one of many
And I'd build bridges over oceans, time, and space
To be in your orbit
Underneath the quarter moon
Its lopsided Cheshire grin the only witness
To your gravity that keeps me
To the gravity that keeps you a part of me

It's almost 10 and I'm fighting tears, Darling
Because it's cold and dark
And you let me walk alone
Although I'm strong, brave and capable
I wanted to be able
To let my guard down
And trust you with my weakness
I remember when it was 7, Darling
And we got lost
And I thought maybe my north
Can't be where your compass leads you after all
And then there was 5:30, Darling
When you left me waiting
And waiting's fine, and waiting's something
I don't mind doing if it's you I've been waiting for
And forever's not too long
So long as all this
Isn't in vain

Then 7:30 came, Darling
She smiled and called your name
And you kissed her and called her "Darling"
And I learned to wrap my feelings
With well wishes and a Cheshire smile
Like the moon I've pinned my daydreams on
You look happy, and there will be no begrudging
Coming from me

And the day the feelings cease to be
Will I mourn their loss even as I celebrate
The person you've become?
And when the gleam in my eyes
Turns from starstruck into wistful
Will the transition be marked by tears
For the unrequited,
Or joy for knowing you exist?

You see, I've thrown my watch away, Darling
And time will fly, and time will stand still
And only time can tell me, Darling
If there's ever a time for you and me


Posted on 08/18/2008
Copyright © 2024 Tricia Marie Miel

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 08/18/08 at 04:49 PM

Pretty damn awesome, I must say.

Posted by Heide McAlister-Bates on 08/18/08 at 05:44 PM

This a beautifully crafted poem - it cativates the reader's attention, and I find myself wanting to know more. Brilliant use of language, and the useage of clock-time to mark the stages works well in this piece. The one suggestion I would make is that the fourth stanza would benefit from being split after the 18th line - I feel that the following 6 lines would have more impact, standing alone.

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