The Submissive Deeper

by Steven Craig

To give,
to please,
to sacrifice for,
to endure for,
to crave for,
to surrender to,
to be controlled by,
guided by,
held by,
graced by,
to know,
to miss,
to crave,
to feel,
to inhale my love,
to consume my love,
to crawl into my arms,
to realize your place,
to know
and to be known,
to feel with intensity
and to give with intensity,
to hold nothing
unless it is mine given to you,
to remember everything
I have been for you and
made you become,
to know your uniqueness,
to be warmed by your knowledge,
to burn with desire,
to relish my firmness,
to cry for my pain,
to be caressed by my chains,
to feel the security of the bondage,
to know the strength holding the whip,
to obey,
and to wait,
with patience for a moment,
that instant you are recognized,
with a touch,
a smile,
a look of my understanding,
to submit to my pleasures,
to know you do have a place,
a reason,
a home,
with reason
and with lust,
and forever with your trust
to be there for me
and to know your existence
has meaning to the one
who holds your hand,
restrains your motions,
sets fire to your thoughts,
buries your anguish,
challenges your intellect,
feeds your own self awareness,
and frees you to live.


Posted on 07/05/2008
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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