One day When You Grow Up

by Steven Craig

One day when you grow up

you may find that there are things in your life that you need,

feelings and experiences that you can know of in no other way

than giving yourself totally to another.

It need not be in any one manner or culture or voice or creed

but it is the moment that you realize that there is much more

to who you are than what you were just the day before.

One day, when you grow up, you will finally find the elusive

happiness that you are only now starting to reach out for.

When you find it, when you are happy, when you no long rage

against the youth you have spent alone, unloved, unknown,

when you find it, you will realize that everything that has

ever happened to you has been a preparation for the supreme

choice of your life.

To give everything, to please in every way, to love beyond

loving, to care beyond the depths of caring. One day you will

know who you are, what you need to be, who it need be with,

that you are safe, protected, understood, and let free to be

all you have ever needed to know and become the person grown.

But that is one day, and it is not today.


Posted on 06/15/2008
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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