Gatorade and Almonds

by Steven Craig

I have been chain sawing the trees
was going to patch the fence
but the storms moved in on me

Chain saws and lightning oddly do not mix

Gatorade and almonds
A volatile mix

I got up way to early
what time is it
almost 10
It is still dark out
What can you do in the dark?

I got up too early
Back to bed and just relax

Gatorade and almonds
A volatile mix

It was light at 5 once

Its dark out now

better look again, that is a street light out the window

they put those street lights on really high poles in Frederick

Full moon out

Gatorade and almonds
A volatile mix

The birds are starting to chirp,
that means the sun will rise here in about 2 hours

I was up all night with my drinking problem
gallons of Gatorade will do that to ya

Gatorade and almonds
a volatile mix

I think maybe it was the used Easter candy
I ate for desert
strings the eyes
Made me sneeze

I always buy it on the aftermarket
it is really Halloween candy
cheap stuff

The chocolate turns white because it is not primed
The moisture in the morning sitting outside all night does that
I keep it in zip locked bags
Keeps the flies out of it

But they are crushed by the Gatorade

Gatorade and almonds
a volatile mix

Don't worry about me
i will be ok after I finally get up

just about noon around here

I just discovered that my eyelids are malfunctioning
Rusted in the rain

Need to call the eyelid repair man tomorrow morning

but the warranty is up
don't make anything like they used to anymore
I hope he takes a check

Think I will go back to bed
and wait for the sun to rise
Gatorade and almonds will do that to you

each and every time

Where is my application for Gatorade anonymous?

Gatorade and almonds
A volatile mix

It ages you,
makes you forget,
puts you on the street,
takes you out of orbit
Not that I mind

I could use some time back on earth
But there is no place open to land
I found out there really are no such things as dilithium crystals

The letdown was overwhelming,
beyond my ability to understand
That UFO was just a frying pan

Just Gatorade and almonds

A volatile mix.


Author's Note: Perhaps, it was the mushrooms...

Posted on 06/15/2008
Copyright © 2023 Steven Craig

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