Dear Book,

by Ryan Nardi

You listen to me, you,
you monster,
now, I've got to write you;
so why don't you go ahead
and get written already?

I'm not fooling around with you--
you understand me?
I've made promises, now.
I've told people,
people I trust,
people that trust ME,
that I'm writing you.

"Oh, it's coming along," I say,
but it's been a long time coming,
you ingrate, you sloth.

Get on paper this instant!
Get in digital pixelated form
before my eyes, and let the mind
inside the machine count your words,
tell me when you're long enough,
as if that was any way I could tell.

I admit I've neglected you,
but now I've got business on my mind.
You're supposed to be a part of this--you see?
Don't you understand what this means?

There's something that needs to be said,
and if we, if you and I, don't say it
and it never gets said,
then there might come a time
that it won't have mattered, anymore,
whether we said it or not.
So, please,
for the sake of what we need to say
could we get down to business
and say it already?


Posted on 05/18/2008
Copyright © 2024 Ryan Nardi

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Mary Frances Spencer on 05/19/08 at 04:35 AM

Enjoyed the read here...Sometimes I have to write a poem with the energy of itself, kind of a group effort if you will... MFS

Posted by Charlie Morgan on 05/19/08 at 04:54 PM

...ryan, oh i had the same problem...i fixed it by not NOT writing the FIRST story, but went right on and wrote my third story first...i really did write a short narrative that says that...anyway, do i ever hear you...i got one down, didn't get on the Oprah show, so i've still got my day-job...good write, bubba, charlie

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 05/22/08 at 12:43 PM

A good humorous poem to start the day! If only these books would write themselves! LOL! Quite an ending!

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