More than A Day

by Steven Craig

Sit back someday along your weary path,
someday when you have the chance.
Hum a tune that you've heard if you like
or makeup your own while yours thoughts start to dance.
And think as I do now
when the ways of the meadow lark
were the ways of your life.
Think about the hills along a bay,
covered with the reds and gold’s of autumn,
the softly swaying marshlands
and the thoughts you may have had then.
Smiling faces at Christmas
and the warm nights that sundown brings.
Think of the faraway beaches,
ribbons of fine golden sands.
Lazy days in the garden holding puppies in your hand.
And think of all the years of your life,
it will take less than a day.

Think of the hilly, narrow trails
and campfires over Luray.
The golden fields
of long legged grass
that you ran through one day.
Bounding fawns,
moonlit nights on far mountain tops
and foggy, ruddy dawns.
The rainy day paradise
alone with your dreams,
and the one with whom you shared
your future life’s dreams.
The banquets of leftovers,
feasts by candle light,
and all the park benches
you sat on in the middle of the night.
Think of the world seen from car windows,
scenes far from home,
of the long winter nights
when you both were alone.
There were the highways
and the byways,
trails through a mountain pass.
And the thought comes
from the caverns of your mind
of why all this could not last.
Recall it all as an iconograph,
it will take less than a day.

Think of the hours
that went slipping away
and the two of you sat
with nothing to say.
Of the smiles that you had then
and the feelings that cared,
think fondly of all you had then
and wanted to share.
The meaning of two hands
joined in the night
and the courage of a new love born
to ease the fear
and the fright.
You will think of the emotions,
the dramas of ones life,
all the hopes
and lost feelings,
and so much more.
All ... of those years,
over coming all fears.
The thoughts that you have still
bring the smiles with the tears.
you are smiling,
face glistening and wet,
re-calling the love freely given,
and the pain you were forced to accept.
Recall every instant,
it will take less than a day.

You remember the blue skies
and the words that were spoken,
and all the sighs
and the dreams,
and all that has been broken.
There are the thoughts
of green grasses in the pastures
and the creeks
that kept you company in the spring,
and the memory of how your heart leapt
every time the telephone would ring.
There were the gifts that were given,
thoughts expressed by a package,
and the glances that you were given
through the glass,
half hidden by baggage.
They may have only been wished
or dreamed up in your mind,
and you know only now
that then you just could not find the time.
But if they had come true,
and if one of them
could have been with you,
who could have count
all the happy thoughts
that would have come to you then.
But you could only say ...
there is still tomorrow, or ...
maybe the next day.

So give the monkey a dime,
and he will dance for you.
Smile at someone,
and they may follow you.
The ducks may still await you
by the pond
that you have not visited
for so long now.
They were the ones
you tossed the crumbs to
from the bridge,
and then ran
to the island beyond.
And think of the park
many miles from home
where the towering trees
were your friends
and the little birds sang
the afternoon long.
All the while you strolled,
hand in hand,
whispering the words
that you wanted to say.
You can think of them all now,
it will take less than a day.

And your memories form now
a clearer pattern,
woven thoughts
that shine in the hollow night.
And you think of the dreams
and schemes,
the great
and the little things,
all that made up your love.
And the image
of the rolling hills
upon which you laid,
the concert band,
and cities towering clay.
The rolling,
jumping images of your mind
that raced from your eyes
to your heart,
the clouds
and the rain,
all that brought closeness
and eager hands in the dark.
And another smiling face
enters your life
from the dark,
and you want
to trace back the trail
that brought you together
and share forever the spark,
and live as you once did.
You can blow away the haze
and think the thoughts that you may.
It will take less than a day.

And you will come down
from the clouds,
and find so many ways
to go thought the land,
and so many things
that you must understand.
There are so many things
that will come
and not slip through your hands,
and you will have so much more
with someone else to plan.
There are the new nights
to remember
and the new dreams
to share,
new bridges to build,
and the unexplored paths
of life t
hat no one has yet dared.
And there will be
waiting arms
nd the diamond things,
and all the joy
that a new love brings,
and you will hear
that the birds about you
can still sing,
and a friend tomorrow
will bring.
You too, will come to say:

"The rest of my life will take more than a day."


Author's Note: Young love does die hard. It gets easier after that.

Posted on 04/15/2008
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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