Dance My Lady, Dance

by Steven Craig

You have learned something extremely powerful, useful...
That life is not what you think, it is what you make of it.
You understand now.
The message I brought to you was not wasted,
that fear is the mind killer,
fear is the little death.
You faced it... and poof, it was revealed as being nothing.
You can overcome all fears the same way... face it.
And it will desolve.
You know I would have, as gently as I could.

I have given messages of death to others before..
it is hard, but necessary when its a responsibility.
Well, I never had to go there...
down by the river shore
and pick up your bones...

I am only a man...
One you have never meet
or seen
or talked to
or touched...
You are still missing
something very important...
someone to love in your life.
You need that time,
Holding in your heart,
the caring thing
very much to really stop being depressed...
you should not waste much more time
denying yourself this

Mark well my words,
I have told you again the truth.
It may take you time to realize it again,
but this time, do not deny it when it comes to you.
Why did you cry so?
When you were stepping into the boat,
I offered my hand,
as a choice to do otherwise.
You knew not where you walked,
but I did.
You knew not where you were bound,
but I did.
The Lord spoke softly through me to you,
touched your soul,
made you stop
and turn around.
You did not see me there, f
or I was never there.
The Lord spoke to you
and you turned to life.

That is the way of it,
to be a person without a face,
to be a thought without a word,
to be the will without the force,
to be for you what you need
when the fires burn the brightest
and the flames kiss your heart
and the fume from hell guides you,
I showed the other path...

You have encountered the life giver.
it is your turn,
to spend your life in the needs
of saving others who's pain overcomes them.
To take without forgetting,
to give without remembering,
to love without hate,
to feel without fear.

I will fade into the evening dusk,
a memory that you will think on from time to time,
and a smile will come to your lips
and a gleam to your eye...
a memory of a time we shared
when life was in the balance,
and you took the path most tall and steep,
out of the river valley
to hope
and your future...

Dance, my lady,
and forget the night.
Smile when you see the sun set,
and know that you are alive another day
Embrace tomorrow as yours.
Be the woman that you will be,
and be there for those you love.
Do not take a different path than that one I showed you
It is the path that leads to the end of life
just as surely as any other,
but it is the path filled with happiness..

Frolic and love and be as content as the harvest in the fall
I will, for surely I see that same path.


Posted on 03/16/2008
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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