by Steven Craig

It was remembered then,
more for the very emotional land I lived in at the time,
fighting the demon that would not give me quarter
or flee my energy.

It dug in its heels,
all 50 of them,
and stood there to face me,
with its fire
and its anger
and such undeniable and relentless rage.

Its talons were stained
with the blood of many breasts
that it had torn the hearts from,
for as much its joy
as it was for its own hunger.

In my path,
it took my joy
and my love from me
and dared me to take it back.
I stood there,
with my eye steady
and sought the one place that would deny it my own destiny.

But for all the energy of my youth,
it still stood
and barred my path,
taking from me all that was at that time
held dear and precious.

It was gone in a flash,
and in its flight,
froze the blood upon the stones I leaped upon
to ensnare it
and keep for me my love.

There was nothing for it.

She was gone,
and with it,
a part of my life.


Posted on 02/18/2008
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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