Breaking the Silence

by Harold Millican

Breaking the Silence

Draped in a black hood
The messenger comes to divulge a sultry nugget
Over a otherwise deemed ordinary life
Compounded by tradition
Etched in a savory stain
Sautéed in confusion
Mimicked in blame
The messenger waits insipidly
Casing the space
Breaking the matchstick
Running from grace
When in the picturesque lucky town
The people toss an ear up
At the melodious normalcy
That the day to day jumble springs up
The messenger beckons
And the words creep creep
It’s the truth, the hard cold truth
Of which he speaks
And here the circle of wonder starts
Reactions sprang out
Oh my God! , Is that true? No, he or she did not
And as the climate changes
The clouds radiate in black
Rain , Rain , Lighting
Twisters hit the back
of the people minds because this is foreign
devilish knowledge they did hear
A public admission released without fear
And though onlookers of the town are mixed in their disposition
The messenger laments over completing such a mission
The messenger is puzzled
Because of the likes of this town
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Jimmy’s a cheater on his wife
Ron secretly cuts himself with a butcher’s knife
And Sandy likes Chris who married to Sue, and she strips at a bar on Talver St.
But me little me, I disrupt the normalcy
It can’t be , It refuse to believe that it’s me
And the messenger cowered and cursed
He lowered his head in shame
For his confession was
Yet in his eyes a small thing
He was love with an employee at the Stop and Save
For a moment
I’ll let you wonder why the townspeople
Were so unforgiving
They wanted the black-veiled knight
Out of the picture not breathing
And so the fairy tale ends
The messenger ran faraway
From the said normalcy that had held that town
Over yesterday
If love isn’t a crime
Would you stop your lies?
Would you break your silence?
If you’ve read these words
And you’ve gone through them all
The messenger was in love with a cashier named Paul.
But ask yourself these questions
Now that the story’s done
Why do we lie about our love for someone?
Why do we fake and partake in lies and deceit
All to cover what’s true underneath
Break the silence and be true to whoever you may be
That’s the end of this one
The rest is history


Author's Note: A tale in poetic verse.

Posted on 01/15/2008
Copyright © 2020 Harold Millican

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