Everything... and Nothing

by Harold Millican

Everything… and Nothing

Everything that we seem to do means something
But apparently to some degree, our equality means nothing
Yes, it is equal when the truth officials distort
And contrive with unfairness a bad decision or report
We have everything, everything and nothing
Oh yeah, I’m so much better than that person, but I carry a different trick
Since when was blood a different color, when your hand gets a prick?
But we are so holy and yet so blind, a terrible waste to our mind
We fail to see how our perceptions tear us apart
And most of us never finish the hullabaloo we start
It’s amazing, we have everything, and yet nothing
We don’t have to berate
But we must learn to tolerate
We don’t have to comply
Respect is needed; it’s wanted, necessary, and no surprise
We need to learn to be the bigger person, and compromise
Why can’t anything be simple, why can’t you relax?
Everything matters, even the superficial, and the clothing on our back
All of this is planting a permanent stain
We’re so selfish, pretentious, and vain
We forget to support each other,
We forget the lesson we are to learn, it’s so plain
We have everything, and yet nothing
We are so arrogant, It becomes a real bore
No one’s worried about the lives lost since the war
We’re worried about the sequel to our life’s book
And so consumed with hate when we need to take a second look
We sometimes think we are so right, and we foolishly go along…
And years later, we are still singing the same dumb song
When are we going to learn that discrimination is wrong?
It will never under any circumstances be right in any light
If you are black, hispanic, asian, gay or white
We have all the potential in the world to be great but we still fight
We have everything and yet nothing
They are all our sisters and brothers, and that’s a fact
We’re killing people for the wrong reasons
Starting culture wars, creating many scars
And getting into business that isn’t really ours
We make ourselves so responsible for other’s lives
That we cross their fine lines of privacy and cheat with disguise
We say we love somebody, but ask yourself is that love really true
Love doesn’t do labels, maybe you do
There’s no such thing as “love the sinner hate the sin”
That is the stupidest saying to believe in.
You have to love the whole person, the good and your idea of bad
Because in the end you will pay, and they won’t be the only one sad
We have everything yet nothing

For something to mean anything
It’s all in your mind…
You have to see the sun; you must believe it shines
And then my friend you will smile in the brighter day
The value will stand up and be counted
And the diamonds will sparkle loads too
Allow love to come in
And watch the miracles it I can do.


Posted on 11/30/2007
Copyright © 2020 Harold Millican

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Mary Frances Spencer on 11/30/07 at 05:39 AM

This could be a rap song! Totally agree with your message! MFS

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