Wraiths of August

by Steven Craig

I saw your ghost again
And I stared into your eyes
As you walked pass me
In the night
In the darkness and pain

I saw the incredible loneliness
The horrible emptiness
Traces of evil
Like trappings of lace
From the coffers of sin

Receding into the night
Only bring the terror
And the fright
Or another wasted night
Hoping love you would find

Lifting over every flagstone
Searching for a love
To call your own
You leave only rubble behind
And your face grows so cold.

You passed
Are your footprints
Smoking cinders of flight left behind
You know not even why you must fly
But still
You must run

You are but death
Darkness and utter despair
Your folly precedes you everywhere
Like a plague out of hell
It knows
Who it wants
Where to go

Begging for hope somehow
I fear its over taking you now
These things which you fled from
As well as yourself

It tears the heavens
And renders you
A pitiful speck of humanity
Caught in a dream without pity
No hope or freedom
Ever to be found.

Is the ditch
Its waiting long for you
Sized and depthed to sallow you
This is then end of you
You’ve wasted your life

Lies the bones
Of my only love
A few short years together
Then no more
I attempt to hide the scars
I admit
I have failed

It was
It flourished with dignity
Crashed into ruins utterly
Buried by the surf of the sea
The grave of out dream

They come to pick
At the bleaching bones
Making off with their trinket of gold
A treasure they think they found
They found only rust

You can see
The distant outlines of misery
The conquering hordes you used
Most ruthlessly
Fear and hate
Rampaging thought every thought
Love had not a chance

A backdoor you fled
As the walls crashed relentless
Around your head
Seeking for yourself safer ground
on which to love yet another
And add one more
To your score

It turns
Flees to the distant hills
Sanctuary there to find
In the recesses of your mind
You remember it still

This is the end of all those things
I cast you onto the fringe
Of eternal forgetfulness
Its time
You must die

You I put such stock
Invested my life therein
I wanted to have you there
At the end
I concede
I was wrong

It is life spent in misery
Sentence passed post humorously
On a dead
Dusty body
On a thing that dared
To know of love

I see your ghost again
I think it wants me for a friend
It’s a burden
I must bear
To the end
Its all that you left me.


Posted on 11/26/2007
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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