Hear and Listen

by Harold Millican

Hear and Listen

If you closed your ears to the noise, could you even hear what I say?
If you took a break from being critical, you could learn more
In the way, of getting to know the truth about the ones you love so much
About what they don’t tell , and about the issues that you’re afraid to touch

If you could hear us in the shadows
Crying in the night
Wishing for the agape’ love that you claim inside the light

If I had the heart that you claim as whole
I wouldn’t be who I am
I would be a terrible person and not a decent, caring man

Can’t you listen to the division you scrape into many hearts?
Can’t you see that you’re the cause of the disease and not the cure?

Many of us can’t hear the destruction we are creating
Because we are too busy critiquing, criticizing and hating
On the funny, the outcast, the one who’s not supposed to be like us, the weirdo
When it all ends in maximum pain

A pain and hurt we make worst with every smashing blow
Because we feel that we’re the only ones who deserve the prize
We’re the only angels that should be able to glow
All the other beautiful people in the world should be shamed and scorned
They aren’t like us; they are ill-mannered, and ill-formed

You don’t understand what you say and do
And you do it every day,
By class, income, status, and sex, in every possible way
How are they not one and the same?
Don’t these souls live and breathe just as you do
You do have a brain? Don’t you?

Why aren’t you listening to the division you spearhead?
We hurt the same people we care about over and over again
Because we never allow ourselves the patience to hear and then listen
We are so caught up in our belief
That we actually start to think that we are above it all
And that because we have God we can’t fall

The love we had for one another has gone astray
And all because of our commitment to hate
We don’t see it, quickly slipping away
But it’s right there, eating us alive
Twisting our thought process to make it right

Everyone has to wake up
If I scream will you listen?
Do I have to bleed to get your attention?
If so, you’re late for the party, because many have died already
With and without recognition

I don’t claim to be perfect, and I’m not a saint
But I do love all of my brothers and sisters
With a love that is pure, a love that is not judging, and that is respectful
A love that turns away no one

We don’t have God’s love
Because if we did there would be no us” and them”
And we would know exactly how to hear then listen


Posted on 11/05/2007
Copyright © 2020 Harold Millican

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Joe Cramer on 11/06/07 at 02:40 PM

An outstanding write.... well done, and welcome to Pathetic!

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