Impatient Seed

by Steven Craig

Ever hasty heart
Ye beast of short moments shared
Never to pair with another
For time is not your ally
A fate that is mine to curse
And yours to change

Emotion over flow

And some drown on their beliefs
And do not suffer disappoints
The sticks can break the stones
When the island is not the shore you reached

A sailor can be caught in the nets he casts
Become the fish's haul
Not for a moment
For a lifetime it is made
To be the way one lives
And has the route of escape closed

Well. There only one answer
To reach far up on the top shelf
Hidden from the children
Loaded and filled
To grasp it with the trigger finger
And drink the Pepsi down

I remember everything
I do not toss the garbage out daily
I am a Gemini
That garbage is precious
And the candy cane mail post
And the long rope swing over the creek side
The branch for crawling on
And the hole waiting below
For the moment

The rivers that you cross
Are fed by my tears I cast to earth
When the rivers slow and dry
You will know I have died

The eroded rims of my eyes have seen that distant shore
I have moved the dunes closer to my home
But they are anchored on the lake shore
The ocean knows not its sweet waters
And the lake
Knows not the salty sorrow
The freshening winds that fogs the morning
Will hold me forever
A clown
In a fishes haven

Can you hear them
The rushing, baying hounds
Like a ribbon of anger
They flow over the green common
And in the eye
They burn their time
Heavy with hearts of teeth and jaw
To catch you
Is your demise

When I cry
It is a gentle rain
Not the raging storm
But a gentle rain that falls through the night
Giving water to the dead
An emotional respect
That will save none of us that live

I do
Feeling is just a part
Of the wide river
That is difficult to cross
Even with the best of friends
It is each day
The Rubicon
And one day
Return I shall not

Like pealing off sunburn
That is what it is like for me to write
With the angst and the sidecast eye
Tenderly it may start
In agony likely to end.

Can you hear it
The thunder
Rolling amongst the hills
The trees bend to see it
Shelter their limbs from its caress
The rain will mingle with the sap and clay dust
Make for the forest a new soup of union with tomorrow
And there the moment will be mine to take
I am going to relax
Reach for that loaded Pepsi for a while


Posted on 10/19/2007
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 10/19/07 at 03:28 AM

"Dear The rivers that you cross Are fed by my tears I cast to earth When the rivers slow and dry You will know I have died."--You absolutely rock this thing, which has a great, epic feel to it, without being REALLY long, you know? Fantastic work.

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