The Slave (Falling)

by Steven Craig

The Slave (Falling)

Lash the chains around my wrists
Make them tight
Force me to follow you into the night
Lash me to the stern oak tree
For the whipping to begin
You know my passion to please will win

Hold me Protect me
Catch me as I fall
Whip me Savage me
Catch me as I fall

I’ve been a bad little girl
All my life
Never had the time I would not fight
I’ve needed the humbling
Of being caged
Taught respect upon my knees
And the riding crops rage

Nothing holds me
like your commanding words
I never thought I would obey
Without selfish regard
Always passion makes me swell
To have for once that sweetest hell

Hold me Whip me
Catch me as I fall
Protect me Command me
Please. Catch me as I fall

I kneel naked before your hand
Staining my feel to fix my stance
I look with eyes that now can see
I am your slave, helpless in my content
This life I have desired to lead.

This little girl will bend doubly
To your will
No moment will be forgotten
The first moment I remember still
The times I almost thought
I could escape your will
Now, I would not leave
I never will

Whip me Lash me
Tie me Chain me
Gag me Spread me
Catch me as I fall

Break me Use me
Enjoy me Mark me
Control me Hold me
Please. Catch me as I fall.

Others will never know my deepest need
They will only touch their own selfish greed
You make me a part of you
Whole at last
You command my life now
What a blast!

Own me Touch me
Undress me Feed me
Bathe me Stroke me
Catch me as I fall

Beat me cuff me
Lash me In your chains
Shave me Brand me
Spank me Train me
Demand of me Punish me
The little girl needs that strong hand
See me Tell me
Make me stand Inspect me
Mold me Shape me
Catch me as I fall

Untie me from the tree at the dawn
Make me crawl and follow
Across the lawn
I will not allow you to see
How content I am
I remember the spanking at your hand
Not in this lifetime
Will I see you leave

Oh God! Beat me
Restrain me Whip me
I have no place else to go
Hold me Protect me
I have fallen
At your feet.


Author's Note: It is a differnt kind of loving, this emotion that many men and women carry deep inside. Far too often, one realizes the depth, the other never will. To explain, to paint that scene, is the hardest moment of anyones life. WHen I was asked to explain the edges of love that has as much pain as any other type of relationship, just as much love, and still make it clear that it is not just a fantacy, but the real heart, is just a small contribution to those who are the slave.

Posted on 10/14/2007
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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