hop, skip, jumpstart.

by Matthew Sharp

The hands of forever invented this endeavor
only clever to those seeking for better and better
the convenience of a lever that never exist
the selfish get pissed when they miss the point
anoint themselves in compromise
stop the lies
the fear of death will force you to individualize
sanctity destroyed
a breath
a void
the breast of constant physics of all that is and all that isn’t
creating reflections clothed by persuasive suggestions
ask no questions resistance is blasphemy
the demons runs pass me
smash into the wall so tall don’t climb you’ll fall
the spectrum within organism predators den
leashed by lecherous beast
eats you like leaches that reach inside and steal all you hide
forgotten honor
swallow your pride you only die if you follow the tribe of social sterility
there is nothing to be
watch my eyes and see me breathe?
Its all the communication coming out of me its all I need
but fitting into trends make me move so slow
I make noises with my breathing to recite what I think that I know and so it goes…
I feel it and I want to tell you but I don’t think I can even if I could
so cut down my tree and count the rings in the wood.


Author's Note:

Posted on 10/09/2007
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ava Blu on 10/10/07 at 03:39 PM

you can always tell me anything

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 10/13/07 at 06:49 AM

I love the intensity of your being not in common "sterility" but beyond in inner space. "watch my eyes and see me breathe"--beautiful, and passionate, extraordinary.

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