The Hearts Barbed Tale

by Steven Craig

How many times have you died?

You still have dragons under your bed

And you still have stars in your eyes
You have always wanted to be loved deeply
Just for you
And who you are

You want people to love you,
But you hide behind things you create
To camouflage your real self
Healing for you is hard
Dreams cover the scars
In the daylight
You do not speak of them
And at night
They haunt you
They are of course

And desires
And a love so intense that was shattered
In the briefest flash
It was never recovered
No time has ever been fair with you since
You cry alone in your heart
No one treads there now
Where your first true garden grew
You are one with yourself
You desire so very much to melt into another’s life
To feel that safety that comes from love

You also understand that the love you seek
Is also the wrath of your memories guiding you away

When you let go
When you surrender control
When you submit your mind completely to another
It frees you
To feel

Feel who you have always been
I have been able to do so

Have you ever so totally
And undeniably surrendered?

Not yet you say

But you have
And time
And time again
In your desires
In your dreams
In your fantasies
In your needs

In your quiet shy moments
You have been a slave
To a shadow
That held you helpless
And kept you tight
And locked in an embrace
Of leather and steel
And you lusted
And screamed
And stirred in wild abandon
Until you were to pass away from memory
Into sleep’s abyss

A long duration
So awakened again
And be amused
By your beads of perspiration


Posted on 08/18/2007
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Meagan Green on 08/18/07 at 06:48 AM

this reminds me of my first true love and heartbreak. it's beautiful, simple, complicated, and blunt, and it offers hope and finally recognition for the strength it takes to overcome that feeling of complete and utter emotional abandon. from beginning to end, this poem is beyond treasure.

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