Our Black Bears

by Keith D Allison

Our Black Bears
by Devona Mae ( Canning ) Kirkpatrick 1903-1956
In the hills just north of Gunnison
There is a place called Castle rock
They called it hunter’s Paradise
And here the hunter’s flocked.
Here when the season opens
Up the hills down in the holler,
The hunters try to find the track
Of deer and elk to foller.
Two hunters followed a lonely trail,
Enjoying the mountain air
When right in the path in front of them
Jumped a big black Grizzly bear.
The hair raised on the back of their head's
The second made their backs began to twitch,
Kirk said, “Oh, God, what shall we do?”
Price yelled, “ shoot the son a bitch “
Rat-a- tack they shot the bear,
They crippled him in the back
Down the hill when the little black bear
All were making tracks.
The bear fell down, right by tree
so Price ran fast with his rope
And tied the bear to aspen tree
slitting his little bears throat
Now the moral to this story is
no matter when or where
keep your trigger finger ready
for could be another bear


Posted on 04/10/2007
Copyright © 2022 Keith D Allison

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