scabby corona

by Matthew Sharp

a relationship with time furthers regeneration,
forever in eternal inoculation,
reflect/fluid that carries the replication,
an ambidextrious vision in the middle of The self monarchy of individualism spreads it out like a prism.
To strengthen the light within just to make the death that much interesting.
I’ll watch you from the island,
To build an army,
In endless patience,
A humble ambition.

Time is a cog in the eco system of blissfull logic/illogic in ill neglect,
A wounded animal waiting to be preyed upon.
We reach for ‘paradise controlled’ egocentric megalomaniacal group masturbation.
Porno for the eye/s of understanding pixelated into a prison of lies,
Like a cist twisted and sprayed into fertilization,
All over the windows of observation,
Sifting through…
A slurring hurry.
Dribbling through my band-aid shaped mask.
All scars heal even when they are open,
A new mask…..


Author's Note:

Posted on 03/16/2007
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 03/16/07 at 04:10 AM

I like the way you put this together, where each line is truly a thought unto itself, but they all relate to one thing in the end. It really comes together quite wonderfully.

Posted by Sarah Graves on 03/21/07 at 01:37 AM

I enjoyed the read.. the style in itself is very illogical, and portrayed effectively to the reader. Once I reach the last line, I feel I've reached a sense of death from all the madness.

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