Abrasive Braille Abased

by A. Paige White

private messages
bottled, sent within,
spiritual in super-nature
a nature that cannot be seen
cannot be handled with hands
nor traced by fingertips
a braille abased
by the soulish and natural mankind
intellect reigns supreme
knowledge of good and evil
the nakedness of the container, our bodies
after knowing good and evil knowledge
is perceived evil
why would the mere knowledge of good and evil
suddenly cause shame
the flesh was the same
but the glory was gone
our unclothed status -statuesque
had previously been clothed in glory
a crowning glory
for the crown of this world
the glory departed
the shame was seen
of flesh less glory
by eyes that had only seen - all things perceived
through glory
why do we not weep,
weep for the return of the glory
we were always destined to be clothed in?
are we yet so blinded by intellect?
The intellectual community rule
decrees - - we originated in sludge
some primordial ooze
by sheer chance

If I had no personal meeting
with the Spirit that hovered
I too, would be at the mercy
of fallen man's intellectual conclusions
who fell into a fallen angel's lies
lies of jealousy
he wanted to be the bride
he wanted the glory
he was never created to be adorned with.
his glory different, to observe all creation
and teach angels and men
all that he had seen
fallen from beauty and teaching
to thievery and trickery
false pride
nothing left to have pride in
cast out of heaven
tricking man into worshipping animals
stars and planets
or even himself
though any honest man knows
there are many flaws and faults
within his reasoning, his love, his actions

Abrasive braille abasement:
pretense consequence


Author's Note: meandering rambling

Posted on 03/15/2007
Copyright © 2021 A. Paige White

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