Discourse at Ojai II

by Scott Utley

He said,

"I am only human. My voice is powerful so I never shout.

We share many of the same thoughts. We come from the same womb.

The source of all our inspiration never cries, but laughs a lot."

He said,

"If you abort a child who's heart has begun to beat,

then that is murder. If you have not, do not worry or force your views.

The Great Source of Our Belonging will see to a loving rectification.

If you have, do not worry, for I have seen the light of forgiveness

in the eyes of eternity. Your story must be told and your wisdom

must find it's home, so speak your longing."

He said,

"Judas is my brother and He loves me very much, as much as I do Him.

The Bible has sharp and angry claws concealed with stunning craft.

Great and wonderful truths are scattered helter-skelter across it's pages.

Despite these potent shards of light, evil, also of my creation,

has made a home of grief and deception to point you in the wrong direction,

which will eventually lead you directly into the light.

Do you understand how the dark can be used to help you see

heaven's shimmering canopy even during the darkest of times?

That Judas was a traitor is just one of many deceptions.

In truth, He gave the ultimate sacrifice for me so that you could be free.

Love Judas as you do me. Sift through the Holy pages of The Word

and discard that which your heart says is untrue. I say, 'listen to your heart',

for it is there I dwell forever. Everything I am is within you.

Go there now. Ask if these words I speak are not true.

Feel if what I tell you resonates with the piercing sound of truth."

He said,

"Do not take it upon yourself to sit in judgment of your fellow man.

A man takes the life of one man, then you punish him and take his life.

Who will punish you for that very same offense?

Compassion makes me happy. Forgiveness makes me high.

He said,

“Be happy. It is your birthright to know joy forever.

When pain comes, and come it shall,

if only as a lark,

embrace it rather than run away.

You will never be able to hide. Sharpen your courage.

Be kind. Love life. Kiss the ground you walk on.

Take the path your heart desires.

This is my devout wish and hope and plan for you.

He smiled a smile of ecstasy as he turned

towards the rose-dusked sky and simply walked away.


Posted on 03/10/2007
Copyright © 2019 Scott Utley

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 03/10/07 at 04:18 AM

I haven't seen you around lately, man. And it's badass writing like this that makes me think how much that sucks. I could easily see this as an offbeat, but still really cool short story.

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 03/10/07 at 06:28 AM

Mmmm so this made me look back, I had not read the first one. This rings of Krishnamurti,(?) and of a broad open heart, although it could be a coincidence... it has an inspiring and mysterious feel and the "discourse" is the key--it is always a "converstion" really. "The source of inspiration...laughs a lot." Yes. I just finished reading "Pinching Spaniards" by another (former) Ojai artist resident(Beatrice Wood) ... full of art, laughter, compassion and joy. She was also influenced by this thinking. You've put this original thought into your own original spacious poetry.

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