Truth, lies and excuse's

by Matthew Sharp

i'll be a tiny sea of debris behind every smile
all the while i compile for miles
covering all that we're using
abusing obnoxious majority
money equals seniority
horribly broken into
and we allow them to continue?
are we cowards or content too?
if i cant kill ill atleast inflict a bruise
lose you to the beast that eats you in predator format
its just for that
and nothing else
it helps itself to infinite wealth
because we forgot about ourselves
as a whole
wrapped up in control
sympathize to synthesize
a balance between excuse's and lies
i hope it dies
i despise with every thought i embibe
collide with comprimise just to survive
drink thier bleach and carbon monoxide
ive tried to make it work
a naked querk pushing for entry
but another me sent me
negligently curiously
and the temptation was irresistable eventually
so i lie
enhancing the truth with lies
excuse's has its use's but dont let it turn you to a mutant
mutating evaporating
a more sensible self screaming help
coping with hell oh well
eye cnt evin sp L
sight has a smell
i'll prove it
i use it.

the paradox is comprimised with irony


Author's Note:

Posted on 03/04/2007
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 03/04/07 at 07:15 AM

You've got my vote here, plus my mathematician husband says "Not bad, Matthew". Really quite good! Read aloud--- this flows with like a river, and for the independant vision that the ear of mediocrity will never hear. Rant on-- it is the only good thing.

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