living in pretend

by Matthew Sharp

when you pretend to be something,
the pretending fades before the 'something' does
leaving a walking representation
of what the intention of the pretending was.

life generates life,
living inside of life,
in endless bliss/desolate and forgotten
i can see their souls
like facing 2 mirrors and watching the reflection grow
passed back through advertisement to promotion to commercial and billboard

playing the informational market,
spreading stains on the carpet,
for the uniform fibers
we are
and we all sway in the same wind
but dont pretend to bend
when there is no storm coming in.

what happened to our will to congregate?
is today your happy world?
well tomorrow is mine
one day closer
to relieving myself from this still view
frozen by uninterest


Author's Note:

Posted on 02/14/2007
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 02/14/07 at 05:32 AM

Really a great statement of subtle but rarely recognized factors. The first stanza is a fantastic picture of what I recognice as true perception. What we create "pretending" walks around and looks like us after we're done with it--and people tend to see it as us anyway. It's almost funny--- but also sad, and very well stated here, in liquid clear language. The mirror image is also very fine--and the combination reminds me of moments when I suddenly catch a glimpse of myself in a store mirror or the like--looking like I know where I am going! The "still view frozen by uninterest" -- yes. (and no! we don't want that.) Connection with one another and a fluid view. I will take those.

Posted by Meagan Green on 02/14/07 at 07:23 AM

As not to repeat what the previous person said, I say niiiiiiiice.

Posted by George Hoerner on 02/14/07 at 02:15 PM

How many of us live in pretend mode? Fortunately, or un most of us find the real interesting enough to meet it half way at least. Very well written I say as I sit in my darkened computer room wondering if I will go out today.

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