trendy stencil

by Matthew Sharp

i pursue the truth and so far...
you can be anything you want except for what you are
get pissed throw yourself at the ground and try to miss
the irrelavence of future present or past tense
im ordering double prints because i wasnt convinced at first glimpse

nothing is what we are but a lot of something goes far to make you think your a superstar
t.v. aint nothing but a light bulb to me that depends on electricity to show you how your supposed to live and be
so i flip the switch on reality making a formality out of the world of abnormality
but it seems its just a dream..
so i give up and drop it because this topic gets microscopic to minds that wont cope
all i can do is hope the words spoke, read or written will leave them admitting it when no one is there to be listening.
is the judge watching?

trends are like bugs, slugs, bees and ticks on my body sucking blood from it
putting venom in it every minute until im diminished and finished
then born again to be replinished, born in sin inducted into the hall of fame of reincarnation
from birth to death again and again
we can be imaginary friends
i can speak for you everytime your sentence begins
i'll keep you outspoken like a rock floating
im the island in the ocean where your not looking

im the sort used to putting forth effortless effort
a pleasure this pressure can barely measure this treasure
bursting into bright streaks so bleak
and then...
i go back to kindergarten and learn to speak again
cat-dog-hat-log-night-rest-right-left- popsicles bicycles icicles tricycles

equal to an empty glass of anything...

my vocabulary has had its fill
until it gets tipped like this and starts to spill
the trick to this is flowing down hill
the simpleness is doing still
even when the mind begins to chill the will to feel will still be real
even if you feel like a character using gravity to roll up hill
snap and expose my anatomy letting gravity throw me in a cavity a common anomaly this anomaly follows me like a product just bottle me as im bottling these feelings inside of me about to explode on every body outside of me a fist full of sodomy removing your bodily organs modeling portions on societies porches with every body distorting these papers im sorting, views with the news of the most importance
these ideas were sportin like olympic torches
leave the contortion of the mind just scorching!!!!


Author's Note:

Posted on 02/07/2007
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 02/07/07 at 04:07 AM

Good lord, man. Thanks for knocking me on my ass, with some of the best imagery and style I've seen in awhile.

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 02/09/07 at 06:47 AM

I hear a a passionate press to go beyond the ordinary, and an intelligence that tears up "trendy stencil"s here. The torrent of intense crafted words and images accumulate insight and urge the breaking out into individual awakenings to creative power.

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