The psychiatric architect

by Matthew Sharp

I consider our communication to be like doctor and patient relation
no amount of medication can alter my concentration
in evaluation of an imagination
Coming out from under the sedation of useless information
Influential mental masturbation
for each person there is a channel or a station
A nation stuck on imitation a place with sooo much hating
there is no collaborating on the shit we be making
so im stuck in the basement i might as well just face it
take my method and erase it, it's wasted

plan B replaced it
in which i drop the facade to become a mirage
under the camoflage of espionage
playing the odd's when i dodge with A barrage of manuevers
confusing intruders even with super computers
they'll never gain access no matter how much they hack this i got exactness beyond any pyychiatric tactics they practice
and so.. in this mode my circuits corrode explode in digital code
faster than any download! a silicon bomb
get your vest on i dont shoot you with bullets i hit you with electrons
a burst of radiation leaving impressions on my nation
my expressions detonating like nuclear weapons
so take a peak and see if you can follow my frequency truth and decency
is the proof that leaks from me instinctualy
until my enemies eventually get used to me mentally
with way too much energy for them not to be feeling me

My laboratory is anology's like metaphoric technology
abusing my knowledge of psychology
if you choose to follow me i hope to only lead you to brutal reality
implanted with the dynamic mechanics of this terminology
enhancing levels of awareness when i share this mentality
symbolically exploding inside of me molecular disentigration
of my whole imagination entirely

i wait the collision of every different religion
and i been waiting and waiting for someone to blow up the population
frustration im pacin
i'll pray
dear god please send a lightning rod to explode the whole globe
until we are all dead from living the path we've led
Living unconscious! driven by corporate sponsors we're all just monstors that'll do anything for another dollar in the pocket
BlInD and oBnoxIoUs! why wont you stop it!?
but i dont guess you will.... thats why you all deserve to be killed
im only keeping it real

I leave you to maybe seeing the difference between truth and television.
So i hand them propaganda from the other side of the camera
just skip the introduction and go straight into production
producing solutions instead of empty excuse's
im ruthless on the blindsighted movement
when im killing genetic mutants...

What else would you expect?
The psychiatric architect
like germs i infect
so expect to get checked


Author's Note: a love song

Posted on 02/03/2007
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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