94, resident93 99degrees

by Steven Kenworthy

surrounded by sands and greensseafoams of seashores
seahorses nothing has a voice the cliffmight cry once in awhile
the walls the salt the ceiling is sundried
skin tan it's a sexy thinglocation. in a way, it cuts tosay,
i wore no shirt for this?

mymind under the properlamps and bulbs might resemble
a newage reconfigureddark reflection of myexterior. or not.

myshell,begging for cancer, myheart screaming evacroutenow
they have those here and firstnames for fancyhurricanes
today though,
the fog is too thick for being able to see or thinkmuch
talk to sky & say manyprayers
wish away your mattress, sleepforever
untilyoucan. damaged hips, theboxspring beachmosphere
is not, just not enough to pull back theseblankets.
discomforters rubbing the wrongway, aquasheets
of saltwaves.
of seasonalrains.
of silentfilms.
more than motion picture views this festivalneeds, too much.

survival is key.
do allthethings. stay as busy ashumanlypossible.

spearfishing withumbrella points catching thunder's attention
i wish i were lightning tonight touching downlook
up ican make any shape youwant of the cloudsbynow

spinal contusions& lackof things to do.

out of this and into backroad the way my pulse camepounding,
lonelyboxer, paperbagghost without face or scissors punching
the starsout swingingagainst the moon look shelooks almost pretty
stepinto the ring with my sculptshadow in shape and lose yourselfin
my fury of leisurethe sandstorm the graysunflakes, coolbreeze
frustration the flurry of purchasedelectronics timed vaccuums i'm
throwing everything everywhere it's bad. uglyentertainment
buried in. usuallysunned in by insufficient breath&breathing. islands.
here,televisions wear masks & have no veins. at all.

until thejune
i will put on my fifteenpounds of muscle and flexthruthis.
pretty, theoutside,
thiscity,a valentinodress on an uglygirl.


Author's Note: you wanted everything like arteries

Posted on 02/03/2007
Copyright © 2020 Steven Kenworthy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 02/03/07 at 06:19 AM

So, there is a lot of rich imagery here, just bursting out (of you) and out of the dull overcast beach town from morning to night... I read this many times now, and each time more clarification, like the sunshining through or a wave hitting the shore. It's got fantastic atmosphere even though you could not get a tan, and your giving up till June here, your indoor "exercise" will get you through, and the nightmoonstars will find you. My favorite constructions (such a woderful part of this work, and so in the spirit of Joyce, especially considering the seashore theme, but at the same time so individually voiced ... "cliffmight cry" "greensseafoams" "beachmosphere" (nice invention!)"starsout swingingagainst" "cloudsbynow" "sexy thinglocation" "allthethings" "aquasheets of saltwaves." Yes.

Posted by Elizabeth Seago on 02/03/07 at 01:19 PM

"until thejune i will put on my fifteenpounds of muscle and flexthruthis. pretty, theoutside, thiscity,a valentinodress on an uglygirl." This stanza is absolute perfection! I'm jealous. I should've thought this one up. Haha. Oh oh oh! How much do I love this?! But you knew that already. I swear to god, this entire poem has been describing my city. And I adore the words you've meshed together as one. Because it takes a second. For me, anyway. Like, I have to go back and read it a second time because my eyes see it but my mind doesn't quite regester each meshword. You know? It's pretty spectacular. I love this. Great work! (I'm adding this to my favorites.)

Posted by Frankie Sanchez on 02/03/07 at 08:03 PM

there is no way to generate a response worthy of your work, you almost defy review or commentary, i read through this beautiful piece several times, each time it became more powerful and whatever i was going to write here in this space became less meaningful. your work is a rare treasure, to be unearthed by those who so desperately seek it, beyond that you compel your reader to rethink their entire approach. you have discovered a way to re-mix, re-edit and re-master the use of language in a way that does not come off as a trendy, dated hit but rather you emerge yourself in it so deeply that it feels more like a masterpiece; a beautifully articulate symphony so aware of itself and the rules that it knows how to break every preconceived restriction in order to produce an honest and true experience for reader and writer alike. may i be shot dead in the town square tonight if i have exaggerated any of this. you are truly talented and bare a uniqueness so unlike anyone i have ever read. outlaw, thank you for sharing this. keep up the good work.

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