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by Jay Davenport

He walks away now, silently,
She said that they were through,
Although he walks away today
He does not know where to.

All these broken-down reminders
Are floating through his head.
Above all these, just one figure,
Proclaiming ‘Love is Dead.’

A winner who’s already lost
The thing that meant the most,
Another man, another plan,
He can’t give up the ghost.

This lover, brooding, caring, tears
Of his heart on the ground.
This life led, ebbing, fleeing, dying,
Dead and to be found.

He’s running now, attempting to
Escape his star-crossed past,
A one way future awaits him,
Just how long will he last.

He’s stopping now, why should he run
From things he cannot see,
Within his head, he’s good as dead,
So why, then, can’t this be.

A gun, a round, a twist of Fate
Has brought him to this point,
Then he hears that one small, small voice,
His road right here does joint.

She loves him, yes, she loves him still,
This makes him drop the gun,
But he remembers, ‘Not a chance’,
And knows the deed is done.

He holds the gun up to his head,
A new Colt forty-five,
And if it was not but for her,
He may still be alive.

His love for her, a true feeling,
Is floating slow away.
A curse befalls this couple now
Forever from this day.

For as you see, an unrequited
Lover’s last request,
Will be seen through, and given to,
The angel’s very best.

And as a toll, for lover’s pains,
The angel sends this down,
And quietly, and suddenly
It settles on her crown.

This last request, this mortem wish,
This plague sent to her mind,
Were feelings hidden, wantings kept,
In all things, him she’ll find.

For memories are not erased
But strengthened throughout time,
And this lone set of memories
Will fit this heinous crime.

And as she suffers, long and hard,
He smiles down then with glee,
She suffers from her love for him,
She’ll die poetically.

She’s going crazy, and she’ll join
Him soon above the clouds,
And they will reunite, and yes,
Their minds will be allowed
To shed the harness, shed the curse,
On one, the other set,
Oh how they wish that they’d known this
The moment that they met.


Posted on 10/22/2006
Copyright © 2021 Jay Davenport

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