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6 Bubba Gits Fixed

by James Zealy

Well ole Bubba he's
A right purty solid white Boy dawg
Dang Sure proud of hisself
Struttin and prancin like he's always ready (and he is)

Didn't worry to much bout ole bubba
Til he started a humpin every thing he could straddle
Guess, he just couldn't satisfy hisself (typical male)
Finally he just got outta paw (He aint't got no hands)

First, he was a trying to straddle Tom Cat(gender don't matter)
Tom just a glared at him
Swatted his smilin face
And hid under the chicken coup

Next he tried to straddle one of the hens (He'll try anything once)
Til that ole hen started a pecking his head
Dadburn hen was so upset
She weren't laying no eggs for a week

Then he tried to straddle the rooster
Well let me tell you the fur justa flew
And that roster spurred bubba good
He headed for the farm house just a wailin'

Finally he got a wiff (He can smell it fur 3 miles)
And took off a runnin for the woods
Sure 'nough it weren't long afore he found
Miss Foxy (dad blame chicken eatin Fox)

He tried to straddle Foxy (bad mistake)
She weren't gonna have nothin to do
With no white redneck...... puppy
So's she curled her lip and smacked him
Right where it would do some good
And a second time to make sure it took

He was out plum cold
Bye the time we found him
We took him straight to Mrs Christine (she's the vet)
She fixed his problem afore he got hisself killed

Welllll Bubba don't straddle nothing no more
Every time Miss Foxy raids the hen house
He keeps his distance
He knows Miss Foxy rules the roost


Author's Note: Bubba short for Benjamin Beaufort Bear, got fixed today.

Posted on 10/16/2006
Copyright © 2021 James Zealy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 06/15/10 at 04:11 PM

Poor ole Bubba!

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