the Lyrics.

by Steven Kenworthy

in anxious feathers, the color of your ceiling
i match
i lose.
i'm not touching it's not physical there's no hands
telephone wired, my cellular span
yes focused on what i want most, zoom lens
i can picture you
i take some photographs, but you
you, cannot have me right now.

i am only sort of here. sort of i want you to catch me,
without prepared words
i'll say without patience the honestly afraid things people get scared to share
"shine, rise"
lift your covers i miss your skin
the day is always waking
you are my day.

ahead of myself,
i lost and won the race, to you i am
a mere observer i must ask,
please stay in, i must admit
i hate you out of my eyes
please show off your skills and let me be
the luckiest
you are home to me each night
i'd scream to hear you whisper
i'd stop breathing to hear you sing
i'm into buying a better string to follow you further.

your to you annoying voice, i love
the power line
collecting calls i
burn up like a firefly and breathe up the space
the air efficiently and perfectly recycled by
a girl a raft
i float, in it
i breathe a small piece of you into me.

i, into you.

upon visuals
an art class equation might capture an image of me from 757s
at 727 beats per minute i've
a pounding chest i have elevated forever
soaring, squinting sharp
hot air balloon did i pass you too soon?

have i waited so long to write this?:
no. i don't think so. it is
a piece of time separated into,
every other minute,
i am sixty skies away trading breezes with your fan
flapping hard i want you to see
strong for you i rarely trip on trees
inside i
need nothing fancy at all with you,
it is love.

please do all the little things you do alone
when no one is watching
this is the big chance the third wish
the dream machine
in the radio station you're
across your curtains i'm
making tracks
i'm making your bed
with hammer and nail i insist a safe place to rest
a palace, a drawbridge
a castle
a tower
a romeo romeo

i will put my wings away if you say
"please stay, please stay"
i can stay here. the process is taking my wind.
i was getting tired.
to come down to
it comes down to
an entire world of chasing

above you
the moon is telling the truth about the stars, i am listening
to the stars tell me the truth about you.

it seems,
the king & the queen.
you have to be smiling.


Author's Note: the castle dreams and everything...the songbirds sing

Posted on 09/26/2006
Copyright © 2018 Steven Kenworthy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 09/27/06 at 07:09 PM

Hi Steven. I am enjoying the free-association in this poem. Interesting environment you have created. Thanks.

Posted by Frankie Sanchez on 09/27/06 at 08:58 PM

oh you with your words. a romeo romeo. impressions beyond beliefs. i can not tell who is luckier, you or your muse.

Posted by Anne Engelen on 09/28/06 at 06:42 PM

Long live the king and his queen! You, my friend, are top class!!!

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 09/29/06 at 04:55 AM

“shine, rise lift your covers i miss your skin the day is always waking always you are my day.” ahhh, another fastfast ride, loved it all the sway through!!! fave lines -- ....i hate you out of my eyes....a girl, a raft..the third wish. many unexpected rhymes in this syncopated lovesong. many images grab and let go when least expected, and yet, for all the seeming irreverence, such depth of feeling. moments are not fleeting, they are all little pockets that line the memoryjacket. loveloveit. PK

Posted by Ava Blu on 12/10/06 at 03:14 AM

i actually added this to my favorites some time ago, with all intentions to leave a comment. it has taken me months now to formulate a response, and i am still left almost speechless. you bring beauty forth on even the ugliest of days. your passion is a novel waiting to be written. i did not know such men existed in the state i live in.

Posted by Melanie J Yarbrough on 02/13/07 at 03:51 PM

there is so much good in this..."the honestly afraid things" "please do all the little things you do alone when no one is watching this is the big chance the third wish" "a romeo romeo i will put my wings away if you say “please stay, please stay” " so good. so good.

Posted by Ava Blu on 10/05/08 at 06:32 PM

See my comment above? I knew you were here, then.

Posted by Allison Smith on 08/07/09 at 03:20 PM

I can't stay away from this one. This is easily in my top 5 of favourites all the world across.

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