The Instructor

by Steven Craig


Traveling and seeing things is one of the great adventures for a person. Nature is full of it, so to speak, a lot of it to see, a lot of it to do. If you like to travel, if you want to see what is out there, if you can be patient with the time it takes sometimes to actually do it... life can be very beautiful and happy, because you will never once in your life run out of places to go and see.

It is the Learning. I know that learning actually more on the shoulders of the teacher than the one being taught. If a teacher is not interested in what he is teaching, it will lack enthusiasm and spontaneous thought and words and actions and sites. Certainly the student in any discipline also needs to want to learn, to accomplish, to be better than just the day before. And it is the student that is graded and rewarded or punished for what they demonstrate they learned. But I am a firm believer that the real source of the inspiration to know and learn and develop is fully in the hands and mind of the teacher. When you are with such a teacher, you are a part of a new whole, for you learn with the firm voice, the strong hand, the infinite security of being a part of something that has never before existed. You are the process, you are the ability, you are the one that is their own focus, all because you have that teacher to ignite your mind in a way you never dreamed could occur.

The teacher must be expert, if in nothing else, that in inspiring others to think and ask questions and ponder the answers and try them out to see if they fit the persons reality. The teacher must lead, not force the student. The teacher must bring the students attention fully to the point of it all, and not allow distractions unless that is part of the educational process the teacher feels is important.

Real new knowledge, is derived often from a distraction that is allowed to grow and blossom, real new knowledge is gained not by always following some one else's foot prints in the snow, but often making your own. What is the point of learning if not to use it to be better and more talented and more able than you were just the day before.

If you are to gain anything, then you will always come to the cusp, of being the unchangeable in an ever changing world, or you become the collection of old knowledge that leads you to the new. I will say with absolute certainty, that when you ask the impertinent question, you are indeed on the way to the pertinent answer.

Goals for learning must be clear, just to know something at all. And as you gain that knowledge, you learn a great deal, and I would hope that at some point in your life, you will have learned enough to realize how little you really know. That is what separates us from the rest of the species that inhabit this earth. We can think, and resolve things and make them work for us. Time will tell if what you learn from all things taught, make of you the person that you might well become, or the person that you would have become anyway.


Posted on 08/04/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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