Tell Me You Are Real

by Steven Craig

Tell me that you are real, that you are not another woman that I have encountered as I dropped my anchor, who wants you use me, take my fortune, capture and crush my emotions, poison the happy corners of my happiness, be the cancer of my soul, take from me my smile for even one single second of a passing laugh.

Tell me that you are real, that you need to live and love and give and sacrifice and submit and share and endure and secure yourself to heaven, holding on tight, the night has come never too quickly and wrapping up your earthly burdens, for you have just begun to know me.

Tell me that you are real, that your feet do walk the ground, that your eyes to see the same clouds that I do, that the waves touch your feet as they do mine, that you would know the path to heaven as I walk it with you

Tell me that you are real, that you bleed and scream and hurt and know that frail moment of uncertainty that I can fill, to keep you in the cage remote from that which oppresses you and gives you pause to question me, far from the circling shadow, whose voice denied you were there

Tell me that you are real, that the colors of your rainbow arch into my forest, that there is no pot of gold but a bold care that makes you take each breath that is what your life is made to do with mine.

Tell me you are real, that flowers that scent your life also burn the memory of the thought forever into your heart and soul like no other act, not for fame and fortune to you act, but to be alive freed by the act of burning your self made emotions

Tell me you are real, that the cannon fire is your heart beating when you see me in the door, that there is no place you would not follow me, and let me see you naked in the dawn the same as the night

Tell me that you are real, that the place and the tides that wash you to me are the ones that are mine to take, control, to make you be the fire with the single coin I would ever give, the ring of truth, the hammer of fate

Tell me that you are real, that there is to be kept in that place your soul dwells, a heart that can not be bought, only given completely without ever remembering the balance of the scales.

Tell me that you are real, that you do not live on that island across the Rubicon in the darkness the siren that wails the need for me to come to yet another destruction, no, not to be beaten down, but to grow

Tell me that you are real, that the image you share is the same as I would hold, that your voice is the same as that I would hear, that your kneeling is the same as the need you have to do so, so it is also what I would have and nothing else.

Tell me your are real, that you skip stones and smile and catch the hummingbird in tender hands and smile, that you would give everything for just one more rose pedal to caress your cheek and be held in the fingers that I want to encase.

Tell me you are real. Tell me you are real. Tell me your are real, that you are only a simple woman with the simple purpose to know your masters lips on yours, his hands enfolding you, his strength restraining you, and that you are on fire behind your pink lips.

Tell me you are real.

And what you would give if you are.


Author's Note: You know the internet... where reality is just a laugh away and where trust and virtrue contend with scam and cheap thrills. We used to say Tell it to the Marines... tell it to the Judge.... Perhaps, it is just as real today to say Tell it to Cathy... or place your own name there. If you can say No To Drugs... you can Say No to Lies just as well.

Posted on 07/20/2006
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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