by Steven Craig

Control is an interesting thing. You may always think you are in control, and thus lie to yourself. Love dies as does man. There is no perfection, and seeking it with great energies will only waste your life and soul. You must try to do your best at all things, to see it through, to complete it, but perfection, perfection is a sink that will destroy you. Control, like perfection, can be consuming, and lock out other facets of your life. Control can also be something you use to manage others, but how can you control anyone else, until you learn how to control yourself. You are but an egg, you are just now breaking the shell, you have a life before you to learn of love and control and how to accomplish great things without the destructive urges of perfection. Always learn first, always research it completely and understand, then attempt control.

I am a man that knows of control, I accept control of others, because they grant their control to me, they surrender it to me. Think about that. They spend a great portion of their life wanting control, gaining control, and then find they are overwhelmed by all they must control and need to offload control from their lives. This is a very heavy thought, a very deep and sensitive and at times, desperate process.

You can not control others unless they consent it so. And you must first know how to control yourself. This is a simple law... Remember it.

One can like to do many things, and the experience is well worth the efforts. There are always a key few things. Focus. Focus on the few key things that are important.... to you or the one that you share your life with. It is sad, that the mind can think of 40 or 50 things at once, and perhaps convince itself that it can in reality do them all at the same time. It is a myth, no, a lie. You must always focus on they few things that are important, that count, that will make you who you are, that will have others remember you as. Focus. Sometime, the moments will be brief, and in those few minutes you must make the very most of your emotions, your skills, your desires and your dreams. When you have them to share with the one that you love, you must always remember that the love of your life will have the same emotions, skills, desires and dreams to be filled. You may indeed only have that brief moment in time, but what you do with it is what will be remembered and cherished. With people, sometimes, no, it is often, that what we do in just a few seconds will matter more to another that an entire lifetime of pious perfection. You make a life and a memory and a happiness in just those few seconds, or you make ruin that a lifetime will never salvage.

As for feeling that you are different, join the club... in nearly all thoughts and special dreams and private desires, you are not alone. NEVER think that you are wrong, or odd or strange or the one person to think or share or desire something that most of the outside world would not seem to accept. Always dare, always be brave to try the different, the strange, the fascinating, the personally desirable dream. Make your life acceptable to others, not by changing who and what you are, but by being exactly who and what you are. When you release yourself to your deep desires, you become free. Live as you will, you will never be free until you release who you are into your world and make a permanent place for yourself there. Then insure that with the one you love, it is also respected and loved and given permanence in their life with you. The effort can be a spectrum, but the effort can be worth all, for to free what is fighting to be released within you will grant you peace to be found in no other way.

It takes great knowledge and worth to realize how desperately little one really knows. No one person can know even a tiny fraction of everything. It is valuable to realize this. You deserve a pat on the tail for this one thing alone. You have a step up on most anyone else you will encounter for years to come. Always be willing to learn more, and one learns with open eyes and ears and a closed mouth... I felt I am just an ordinary man, an average man, one that has learned a few things and can express himself with the written word.

The real person is always a few steps out of sight from those all about them. There is always a deeper place that the real person lives, in the mind, in the soul, in the activities of the craft and days of the life lived. One can never expect that any will pick or accept traits that one believes that they would, be they the ones we would like to see them pick, or the ones we would prefer to hide. The real person is always more than what we actually acknowledge, even to ourselves. We may always believe that truth is evident, but truth is actually relative to the fallacies of our lives. Even when we succeed, we have a still greater promise before us and in time, our successes will be measured less by what we did, than by who we are. The future holds only one promise, that we may attempt to become more than what we are at any one moment through personal growth and triumph, again the personal satisfaction is more important than all the applause of the multitudes ...

Life is a very complicated process, made simple by human thoughts that sum it up in a few words. What I seek, since I was 17, when I wrote the Marion Street Oracle, I have sought these truths, that happiness is my goal, not wealth or power or personal fame. Happiness. Happiness is defined as love. Love is simply defined as well. When the other persons happiness is ESSENTIAL to your own. You make the other person happy, not by adding to the sum of their possessions, but by subtracting from the sum of their desires. There are only three essentials to happiness: something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to love.

There, in its most simple form, is what life is really all about. Going out and actually doing it is the real trick. For that one, each must seek their own answers, through the great and little trials that make up everyday life. There may well be great periods of boredom, punctuated by moments of great joy or great pain. There will be times where life seems too oppressive to continue living, and other times where the joy will overflow all the cups and buckets that one can ever possess.

You take each day as it comes, you do what you can with what you got, and in the end, you make the best of what is left, find personal happiness not in the multitudes, but in the few meaningful moments that you have, with the people that you enjoin and respect and love.

And at the end of your life, if you do have only four or five days that still bring a smile to your face and a warm joy to your heart, you will have been a success far beyond all others...


Posted on 07/03/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 07/03/06 at 02:23 AM

This was extraordinarily interesting. I'm far too scattered in mental acuity to grasp it all on the first go. I'll be back on some rainy day, with the shadows of the words dancing over the back of my hand guiding it to your library... great read.

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