The Mountain and the Little Cloud

by Steven Craig

Little Cloud drifts across the vast plains, looking at how life below abounds,
Wondering why she cannot stay in one place, why she must always move.

She drifts across fields of plenty and fields of despair. Something in her wonders
Why that must be there. She wonders what if, there was another way to this.

Little Cloud looks at her inward being, she is real fluffy and has a heart deep within
her inner self. Now she is over waters of the earth that give her strength, and hope.

She now drifts slowly to the north, she passes over small hills and rolling valleys.
Just up ahead she spots a beautiful mountain that stands out alone.

Little Cloud wonders why this mountain does not reside with the large range just appearing on the Horizon. She drifts toward that stately mountain.

She wonders what hands of fate have brought her to come so near. Drifting around the Mountain she watches closely the secrets the mountain reveals.

Little Cloud always safeguards her knowledge, for it is hers to hold and cherish.
She drifts in closer to the mountain to get a better peek.

She marvels at the rich forests that cover the mantle of that mountain. She looks how well the mountain protects the animals that call its slopes home.

Little Cloud looks at the mountain and feels this old hill must be wiser but still young at heart. Looking at the life this mountain supports gives her comfort.

She circles ever lower to peek at this marvel. She has never seen or heard of such a sight. She notices this mountain has a crater. It once belched fire and steam.

Little Cloud now sees how the mountain now wants to protect what is near and dear.
As Little Cloud gets closer she hears a voice from within the mountain.

The voice she hears is soft and kind , firm and sure. She likes what the mountain stands for and shelters. Can Little Cloud stay here and hug the side of the mountain.

She is very happy and her tears wet the forests below and give them moisture to grow. Little Cloud winds cleanse that she has grown to love.

The strong mountain says Little Cloud please stay and we will grow and age. Little Cloud feels for the first time in her life much happiness.

Little Cloud protects the mountain from the hot sun of summer and the mountain helps her to have a place to escape the winds.

Appearing on the horizon is a storm that is growing. Little Cloud fears for her safety and she has that mountain to protect her.

The storm approaches and is much bigger than Little Cloud thought. The mountain tries to protect his new friend. But the storm now rages within Little Cloud.

Little Cloud fearing the storm will hurt her mountain turns loose from the mountain giving her life to protect the one that sought to protect her.

As the storm rages Little Cloud puts up a struggle, her tears being now torn from her.
She feels her life being taken but she still has loving memories of that mountain.

She will love and hold dear that mountain, no matter what happens. She knows that only comes once in her life. She keeps weeping being pulled along by the storm.

She always wonders what if. She wonders maybe she could have stayed just off the mountain and if the mountain would have left her there until the storm had passed.

Little Cloud loved that mountain but knew her life is such that a storm will destroy her from within. Her heart is heavy knowing the mountain needs a Little Cloud.

At last, in the darkness, amid the blowing storm, one final flash of lightning lights the mountains face, and the Little Cloud sees him no more.


Author's Note: This is a story, indeed true, of how the little cloud sees her life with a particular mountain in her brief life. There is a second story, the Mountain and the Little Cloud, the same story told from the other perspective. They are a narrative on the price of, for the one, being free but never knowing a home, and for the other being firm and stoic alone.

Posted on 06/28/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Jean Mollett on 06/06/08 at 03:17 AM

Hi Steven, Great write. It's beautiful, caring, compassion, trust. Has a powerfull meaning, true friendship and love. Yet, it's kinda sad too.

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