Der Fliegender Hollander

by Steven Craig

Der Fliegender Hollander

The horizon darkened so quickly
The storm approach had taken you by surprise.
the Flying Dutchman
Holds domination over another
Strong and intense
and never hollow
That wind storm, it takes you and casts you loose to the clouds and hail
The lightning caresses you and the thunder holds you firm
With each gust of wind,
leaves are stripped from the trees
They disappear into the dark
The rain beats against your skin
it stings and leaves little red points there
and you stand against the storm
and hold to the pole
but the storm is intense
and sweeps you on,
ever onward into the road
and across the fields
and lifts you into the heights of the mountains
and there the thunder calls you
and makes you submit to its harsh needs
and the lightning again appears,
this time to lash at you with all the energy it possesses
and in time,
you faint into its grasp
only to awake further from home than ever
with no place to call out to
only a leaf in the cloud
and a marker on the river waves
In that time,
you know the place and the hold it has
and there you are,
and it makes you submit to its face
Ever bent on your thoughts,
ever holding on to your wrists
and forcing you to stay
but you would not leave
not for all the silk in China would you leave
The Flying Dutchman is that way
Seen by none but you
and you are lost forever
and care not
for here is your place
and here you will remain forever released from the perils of the world
Owned and in awe of that great storm
Der Fliegender Hollander


Posted on 06/28/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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