Deeds, Not Words

by Steven Craig

There is a SunDowner motto, long revered and honored...

"Deeds, not Words"

Words are the tools of life, the way that we convey to others our wishes, our desires...

Deeds, are that strong arm, that point of the spear that makes it mark upon your life, in ways not always understood, and in ways not always looked for, but always in ways that are absolutely necessary for the survival of the person.

The person is not the body, or the tender and course portions of the corporeal entity, the person is not the reflected image in the mirror or the name called out in the thick of the crowd and applause that so many seek with single minded determination.

The person, is the mind. The person, is the thought of that mind. The person, is that power that makes of the thought an extension that creates and controls the world all about that person. The mind, it comprehends what the person does so little realize, and there is the point. The mind is the power and the course and the endeavor and the realization of the final curtain call.

Without the mind, the body is just so much excess baggage.

Nothing is ever clear without first the question. With the question comes the note of the musical scale, the breath of the measure, the vision of the dream, and the fulfillment of the soul. For most, a question seems only a folly, a waste of the time and emotion to pose it. But to a few, to a Sundowner, the question is absolutely necessary.

Every question is the birth of the answer the person seeks, and that answer is always spoken with words, expressed with deeds, driven by emotions.

As your blood surges from your heart to your mind, and to your heart once more, pose your question, voice your answer, and put to deed the response of your soul with all the energy and determination of the will possessed.


Posted on 06/28/2006
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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