Eyes In The Clouds

by Steven Craig

There are always rainbows in the clouds.
They just needs eyes to see them.
Each person is always much more than they seem
And so often startle ones not prepared
We make for ourselves all the life we see about us.

The dream may be more involved
The hope unrealized
For what is real is all that does matter
It may not be what the dream desired
It may not be what the hope spoke was possible
But it is real, and it exists, and it does perform.

And never in anyway will it be that way again
Look around you and see not only what is pressing
But also what is worth the keeping
See not only the ordinary and the plain
But also that which will care and mend
The soul and the spirit are not dreams
They are the needs, and those are sometimes filled
But not always in a filled glass
And not always in a half empty bowl.

Being is what living is
you may think you have another life
but your heaven and your hell are here everyday
There is nothing waiting at the end.

So. Be it said, that now, each day,
And your tomorrow, they are precious and dear
And will not be wasted on the petty sadness
And on small hopes never realized.

There are in your hands,
And in the hands of those around you
Much more than when you started
And time will take them back not again
Drifting is a way of people to forget
And drifting away from what you have
In dreaming of what might be denies
You a future already yours.

There is not more happiness in a greener grass
Or a stronger chain or a more vivid spoken word
There is not more sadness in holding what is dear
And holding it tight until the end
We all perish. We all pass away in our private end.

There is no fear of what that end is
THere is fear only that what you have is not appriciated
Until at last the end does find you without.
When you see the sunrise, see the warmth and not the pain
When you hold that dear to you, see not its certain death
When you stop and take the lasting breath
Take it proud that you did bother to pass this way at all.

I know that I will


Posted on 06/24/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 07/04/06 at 02:10 AM

Oh my. You see things in clouds too? Did you perchance happen to experience Katrina from the comforts of your own home, too? There is nothing like a cloud, especially when it holds the winds and water, to blow away the non-essentials. Things maybe once you thought were essential. Clouds and wind, hold a world of meaning for me as never before. Even before Katrina, my hometown had a school of tornadoes to devastate it. It also happened on the eve of my grandson's birth, the eve of Thanksgiving. Coincidence? I think not. I have truly enjoyed your writings. They are a great introspective tool.

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