From Another Point the Thought

by Steven Craig

I would expect that you will begin to realize how very important it is to be patient and aware of what it is that I may be saying or doing with you.

Often, subtle, often quietly, I introduce you to something that may not be simple, or the easiest or the way you did that thing in the past, or even something that you would want to do.

Life is full of different experiences, with newness that is beyond most peoples considerations. Walking in the cold wind is one.

Its not something a lot of people do, and yet, there is something very remarkable about it.

You first learn that you are not going to die doing it, then you may be aware of the wind, and the sound it makes, even perhaps a scent that it carries.

You learn that you can endure it, even endure it rather easily. You learn to take the time to know what you are thinking, feeling, even learning.

You gain confidence in having accomplished, being successful, beating nature at its own game.

When you do something that is a little different, something that is not quite so easy or so comfortable,Â…but you still do it, you still get it done, and you grow.

You become aware that you really do have abilities that you have not tested, that you have worth to yourself and others that you were never aware of.

Walking in the mountains, up in the clouds, with fog and drizzle in the cool air is the same.

The big world is made recognizable in your eyes.

The fear of uncertainty is rendered to nothing, by having just gone out and faced it, done it, accomplished it, and low and behold, found it was easier that you ever thought possible.

Details come to your eyes, your ears, even your skin, and your tastes. You grow in the world by being a part of it, in the all ways that it can be, and not because you will accept only a few and the easy and the comfortable.

When the trail becomes high, and breathing is harder and the mind says surrender, quit, give it up, another part of the mind steps in, perhaps it comes from the one who stands beside you.

That part says that there is no limit to your endurance, there is no place were you will fail.

That part of the mind is the one that will push you to the top of the cloudy peak, through the uncertainty, past all the unknowns, the unknowns that you discover and come to know as you pass each one in time.

Being with a man that has direction, confidence, knowledge, and is willing to take the time, the energy, the emotion, and make you change, make you grow, make you more aware of yourself than you ever thought possible, is the single most important moment of choice in your entire life.

There is no promise of the prim rose path, the rose garden, or the ivory tower.

There is an objective to be gained, and one beyond that, and yet more to come on to the far distance of time.

Nothing is so stoic as to place yourself in the box of limitations that the mind can so easily create to keep you from experiencing the joy of exploration and personal growth.

There is no greater harm a person can make to themselves than to make an excuse.

Any excuse not to perform, to not do, not to live, is misery and loss, for the time and the opportunity will never surface in such a way again in your life.

To be with the man that has the vision and the will to take you from that place of imprisonment, and cast you into the winds of change is a singular moment.

Most will run and hide and never accept the hand offered from the uncertainty of places they have never visited.

Most will never know that their personal security is enhanced and liberated by the strength and the will of the leader in your life.

In a society that will use catchy phrases to replace actual experiences, it seems an ever more remote chance that anyone will truly live and know themselves as deeply as you have the opportunity to do.

Yes, it is a wonderful phrase ... no pain, no gain .... but reality is not those words. Reality is the fact, that without experiences, there is pain with no life.

Success is not measured by how easy it was, or how warm it was or how comfortably you did it.

Success is measured by all the accomplishments that you make part of your life.

At the peak of that mountain, at the end of a cold march in the wind, there my be no other reward than the personal feeling of exhilaration at having done it.

When Edmund Hillary first climbed the great mountain of Everest, he was asked why he did it, what was the goal, the payoff, the reward.

His answer was simple.

He climbed it because it was there.

That is what life is.

You live it because it is there to be lived.

You live it, because you are there.


Posted on 06/24/2006
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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