Dragons Under the Bed

by Steven Craig

No one written piece can cover all thought.
Knowledge is a wonderful thing when it is desired, and painful when not looked for.
Yes. The introspective, feeling connectivity, physodrama events.
Lots of tears there, when you can break through the walls.
What we do to ourselves is ever far worst than what others can ever do.
We teach ourselves to fear.
To be angry
To be irrational
And hold on to that fear seemingly forever
We create dragons, and force them to live under the bed.

I am trying to learn to counter those tendencies
Rational/irrational behavior
It is in the eye of the beholder.
When a fear is strong enough, it can run you out of your home.
But the people next to you,
Will likely never even know of the trauma
They never see the dragons under the bed.

Minds are a powerful thing.
Guilt is likely the worst part of it all.
It blinds us to all things,
Allows rage to enter as a welcomed friend.
Anything, so long as that blame will not fall upon us again.
Countering the tendencies that cause the problems between us
Avoid reading things into what people say and reacting negatively
Get angry or hurt
You react to what they may say or do,
Rather than understand it
And wait for the fog to clear
And chase the dragons from under the bed.

Making someone think and have it be positive is the one thing I try to do when I write.
I know that many think they are alone with whatever they feel.
I can assure you, they (and you) are not.
The mind is a wonderful thing.
Very complex
Very simple.
Very hard to understand.
Very easy to understand.
That paradox is in being human.
You can know that you are angry
But you may never know why.
That is the paradox.
The paradox can be defeated when you realize...
You are not alone
Others understand it too.
Not everyone for sure.
But you are not alone with why you feel what you feel.
You are not alone with the dragons under the bed.

What you feel, is the only private issue.
None can know what you feel.
It is based on events that have long vanished
Likely, by the time we are 3 years old, everything that will have its influence
On us has happened to the mind.
That is the cusp.
We are too young to understand.
So we react... with fear.
We, as children need things explained
We may never get that explanation.
So, we often make it up.
The dragons under our beds are explanations enough

Then, we grow up.
Then we have the tools of the mind to understand.
We can see the problems in others.
But, we can not see it in ourselves.
The dragons are still under the bed
It takes a will to want to understand ourselves
It takes a hope that one day, you will shake your head in acknowledgment
And cry for a loss that can not even be remembered
Cry for a slight that at the time, no one thought important.
It comes down to one simple thing...
Giving yourself a break.
Free the dragons out from under the bed.


Posted on 06/24/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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