The Writer

by Steven Craig

Writing is a personal thing, the baring of the soul to the world and the acknowledgment that some may make light of the emotions behind the words, the realizations behind the sentences, the depth of understanding behind the title. It is a writers quest to share these thoughts, and yet, it is a writers worst fear to open up and flourish those thoughts high in the air and say 'they are mine'. Writing is but a simple and clear process ... bringing the gift of human emotions to the fore of ones mind, gazing upon it as a fine crystal, and then putting words to each facet, each ray of light, each imperfection.

The perfect writer will always feel that she put her words to the paper as she felt them. But in the coming years, with growth and the spinning of the world, she may well read them again and say that if she had not been there, these just could not be her words.

The world changes....
The writer changes....
The emotions are always changing.
The words penned to paper abide.


Posted on 06/24/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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