A Few Stripes and Five Pointed Stars

by Steven Craig

What is the flag?
Our flag?
Merely a few scrapes of colored cloth so assembled to form a pattern.
And that is all.
But then, what is a word?
Merely a few oddly formed symbols so assembled to
form a pattern.

But the pattern is recognized as a feeling, a thought,
a special place, a face, and so it is with our flag.

Flag is a four letter word.
And so is love.
Free is a four letter word,
and so is hope,
and there is a thread of each in our flag.

And in it too,
are woven the threads of a people,
and their dreams,
a way of life and a tomorrow,
a free choice of ideas,
and a thread of you, too.

The Flag is not just the few strips
And some five pointed stars.

The Flag is the will, the power, the love of a people.
The Flag is the legacy of those who envisioned a nations worth.
The Flag is the soul of those who raise it tomorrow.
The Flag is the touch of the new born caressing destiny.

This is what those scrapes of cloth mean to all
who call themselves Americans.
The Flag can never be destroyed and forgotten when it is hauled down,
or when its burnt fragments are beaten into the ground and brushed away.

For the Flag is not that simple.
The Flag flies solely because it has a meaning
And as with all thoughts,
The Flag can never be destroyed.


Posted on 06/24/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 07/09/06 at 01:08 AM

This warmed my heart. It is so good to hear this melody sung and hummed out of a loving heart. My heart beats in tune to the beat. I love my nation. With a passion that's really inexplicable. I mourn for the wrong, I don't pretend it doesn't exist. But oh how I love the USA. When I get to heaven and am introduced to Abraham, I will proudly confess to being of the tribe of Mississippi, USA!

Posted by Charles M Harrison on 11/25/07 at 02:16 PM

I think your words have captured perfectly why that piece of cloth means so much. Not just to me but to many. It also captures why the few are willing to give there all to protect what it stands for. This is going on my favorites. Thank You.

Posted by Brian Francis on 06/07/09 at 04:56 PM

How true and well said this is. You can burn the cloth but that only sears the idea even deeper in the minds of those who embrace that idea. peace -bf

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