Maidens Of The Silver: Bloodlines - #03

by Jersey D Gibson

      Night came to the Temple of Time, the dusk of the sun slowly seeping the lands of its’ light. Torches came on, the oil feeding them from a line along the walls, a new innovation within Crois’ time during Training. Crois walked down the hall towards the Great Hall, where the Lords sat. Her hands were restless with the upcoming ceremony, though nothing else betrayed her nervousness. Many of the servants were preparing, though she could see that a lot of them were just waiting for the ceremony to start.

      Also among the servant were regular people, ones who worked among the Temple, and others who lived near it. The Ceremony of Naming was an important event, and it was considered a good reason to celebrate as any for the common folk. The temple had been there for the good of the people, and the people responded by gift giving, bringing food, drinks, and merriment. Crois had been to only one, when she was but a small child. The memory of it still came to her mind as something special.

      “Ah, so you are to be the one Named?” Came a female’s voice from behind Crois. Crois turned around to see a diminutive woman behind her, in a white cloak and silver armor. She wore a shawl around her neck, and it draped heavy on her shoulders. Her silver hair and golden eyes immediately named the woman who had confronted Crois, who was surprised to see a Maiden whom she had only know through stories.

      “Sister Sylvia, it is an honor to see you here.” Crois touched the symbol on the torque around her neck, a formal greeting from one Maiden to another. The silver-haired Maiden did the same with a smile.

      “I tried to keep my presence quiet last night coming in, but I see the Lords are up to their old tricks. They like to strut me around.” Sylvia said with a light-hearted laugh. Sylvia motioned Crois to walk with her, and Crois stepped next to her, keeping her strides short to keep pace with the small woman.

      “They have every reason to be proud of a woman who has accomplished so much as yourself, Sister.” Crois had heard many tales of Sylvia, the youngest Named Maiden almost twenty years prior. Some of the tales were too good to believe, some more grandiose than the last. The silver-haired woman was considered a walking legend, and many wondered if she were to be Named Mother soon.

      “Telling stories about me again, are they?” Sylvia sighed. “If I did half of what they said, the Lords know I would be out of a job.” Looking out to the throng of people preparing, Sylvia watched as small children ran among the feet of the adults working. “Don’t worry, young Sister, while few have had as many accomplishments as myself, few have had as many defeats as well.” Crois answered the woman with a quizzical look on her face.

      “I bet I shouldn’t tell you this, but the life as a Maiden isn’t easy. The Teachings and the Code are all well and good, but the World out there has different ideas.” Sylvia looked up to the fire-haired Maiden walking next to her. “Our job isn’t easy. You will do things that you will regret. You will do things for the good of the people, and they may hate you for it. I know I’ve been run out of many towns and cities.”

      “You, Sister?” Crois said in disbelief.

      “Yes, even me. Remember, for the protection of life and what is good. You can’t harm others who are doing nothing than protecting themselves. There are a good many beliefs and religions out there that hate us, but aren’t evil, or even bad.” Sylvia sighed again. “How long have you lived in this Temple?”

      “All my life, Sister. My mother gave me to the Goddess and the Maidens right after I was born. I’ve never lived anywhere else.” Crois replied.

      “It’s a big world out there, young Sister. Many will bite the hand that feeds them, not out of spite, but out of survival. You live in a green land with benevolent people around you. You’ve never had to taste war.” Sylvia looked up to Crois face, peering into the taller woman’s emerald green eyes. “I pray to the Lords you never have to.”

      Crois stayed silent as the small Maiden walked away into the night, looking out to the lands, where torches and people made the fields around look alive. The silver-haired woman seemed to be looking beyond the people, to the surrounding countryside.

      “The promise of youth and great things stay heavy in your breast, little Sister. May they reside there always.” The small woman finished with a dark look upon her face, turned around, and placed her hand on Crois’ arm. “But, this night is yours. May it be happy.” With that, Sister Sylvia walked back into the Temple, leaving Crois looking back out to the familiar countryside, the boundaries she had never seen.


Author's Note: Chapter 04

Posted on 06/01/2006
Copyright © 2024 Jersey D Gibson

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