For Her

by Corey Drover

Unintentionally searching in all directions
and yet she ended up finding me
Calling in the night to an empty void
I heard her faint whisper on the wind

Stumbling across her beauteous visage
There she lay in a field of daisies
searching for an invisible path
to take her away from wrongs past and present

For but a moment I was no longer invisible
She gazed at me with those lovely eyes
Mirrored prisms reflecting all possibilities
In a ghostly way they had haunted me so

I had seen them in my dreams before
and once I was graced with them to look upon
this hapless soul I knew I'd found home
A look speaks truths no words can ever match

Passions reawakened from a long dormant heart
My heaven sent angel of mercy and joy
I stare for a moment that never ends
and think of things that should not be said

She captured me with a warm embrace
One I was powerless to escape
even if I had the desire to do so
Time passing only to a beating hearts whims

With new vitality she is a sanguine addiction
flowing through me like so much wine
A precious gift left unwrapped and placed at my door
signed with a warm smile and a kiss

There was no one else in the world
but myself and the angel who rose to see me
A wide open landscape left for us to explore
undisturbed and perfect in many ways

I knew I'd found my lighthouse in a sea of darkness
Her shy blushing face hiding secrets
Ones that I would die just to know
No longer my own man but hers to have and to hold

I saw the face of eternity and felt purpose again
If I could be her hero than surely I must try
I'll ride a stallion and be her knight
and be all things to her she'd never known

An all encompassing vision of the dawns majesty
emanated from every word and laugh
My beloved angel was almost perfect
save for a need to keep traveling and to forget

Our togetherness was but a stitch in time
Fragile and barely in existence, a mirage of more
I had to resist the temptation to pull the thread
that could unravel all that we had discovered

She lived on top of a rainbow and ventured
down to earth for only a short while
A specter loomed over us for a moment was all she could
give before having to leave to find her hidden path

A moment that touched me in ways a thousand
others could never compare to with the riches
of the world thrust upon my feet to tempt me
out of my bliss from just having known the real her

Locked in a battle of wills against myself
What I wanted against what she needed
She floated away like a shimmering illusion
on the same winds that brought me to her

I live now only for hope and for her
For the promise of one more chance to remind her
and to admire those eyes while saying I love you
with my hand in hers and her hand in mine

May she glide back to my arms someday soon
Until then I sit waiting in a field of daisies
staring at the sunrise every morning hoping
that this will indeed be the day she comes home


Posted on 04/10/2006
Copyright © 2020 Corey Drover

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