Letting Go of Fairy Tales

by Omi Salavea

Life Shuffle

Twist and Turn,

Smile and wink your eye.

Softly touch and sweetly kiss

and remember it's for the best.

You've waged your wars,

you've scoured the earth,

You're past your prime,

and Age is not always Pretty.

You're getting old and you need to stop your crusade.

Crusade of the flesh, conquering men, bringing them to their knees.

And now you've come upon this sweet sweet lad.

That knows not the secret flower from a morning rose.

A gentle man of a gentle world.

A knight that's never accomplished a conquest.

What are you to do,

When a sad little Romeo knocks upon

a very well traveled door.

I'm certainly no Rapunzel

and i certainly expected a taller Tower.

You've fallen off that Dumpty-Humpty wall too many times,

and here's a man that offer to build you a castle in the sky.

Here's a man that won't ride off in the Night,

Here's a soul that presents you an apple,

poisoned with safety, love, and fidelity.

Take a bite, it won't hurt,

Take a bite of something real, true, secure, and let go of all

your fantasy.


Author's Note: I don't know what to do.....I kinda got comfortable with this wreckless, crazy, yet wonderful life of mine.

Posted on 01/10/2006
Copyright © 2019 Omi Salavea

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