Circle of Life

by Thomas K. Hunt

Summer passed undetected
Pushing itself into autumn causing it to fall
It didn't fall here
Autumn never falls here
I've been to a place where autumn falls
I've seen emblazoned backdrops of life
Resplendent explosions of nature
Accompanied by soft cool breezes
Bearing aromas of ripened fruits and redolent flowers
Where the moon casts the biggest and brightest silver shine
Glistening across the river
Making shadows of the tall pines
Sweaters drawn tight
Cool but not cold
Yet turning colder with each day
Witnessing the gradual decaying of beauty
Soon to be barren of foliage
Colorless grays doomed to fill the days light
Sit watch over orchards of skeleton trees
Time will soon be frozen to the ground
Buried under drifts of blinding white
Subzero crystal rain woven together
That blankets the quilted landscape
Extended days drag themselves into one another
The air bitter, biting and cutting at dried flesh
Chapped smiles in temporary sanctuaries from the elements
Try to heal themselves under smears of wax
Cracks are easy to find when they run along pallid hide
The warmth sought, soon turns to fever
Spreading like the plague from cabin to cabin
Locked away, imprisoned in the mind is the perpetual though of
The vernal equinox
Natures rebirth
Yet as old as the ages of time
That once again will bequeath itself to summer
Completing the circle for yet another revolution


Posted on 11/30/2005
Copyright © 2020 Thomas K. Hunt

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