She the nomad

by Tricia Marie Miel

She knows
that it would be so easy
to solicit, even demand, sympathy
but she won't ask because
she'll only take that which is given freely

She would brave anything
just to ensure the
happiness, comfort and safety
of those she loves
Even in the absence of reciprocity
and with all the granted she's taken for
She'll still carry on
head held high on squared shoulders
believing in herself, and in her purpose
And when everything is said and done
At the very least she wants
to be seen as
More than a face
more than a body
more than a voice
more than a brain
Because she is a composite of those and more
And she deserves to be taken deeper than face value

And when the world falls on her
There's nothing she'd much rather
do than collapse
into the embrace
of one who loves her
but she can't
not yet...

She'll get put off 'til tomorrow
Cavalierly, without second thought
and before she knows it, she's third
no, fourth... no, last
on the list of things to do
All because she can take care of herself
All because she's strong, and she'll manage
Yes, she'll manage
Yes, she's patient
But she was never meant for the back burner
So be careful where you leave her
because even if leaving meant disaster
She would get up and walk away
in pursuit of her rightful
happily ever after

And she'll refuse to look
anywhere but straight ahead
for to look beside her
would only serve as a reminder
that she's been
walking alone all along...


Author's Note: this one's for the girls...

Posted on 11/02/2005
Copyright © 2024 Tricia Marie Miel

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Cassandra Leigh on 02/18/07 at 09:43 PM

i think you just told the story of my life in so many lines. this is beautifully written to go along with its incredible insight. Gorgeous. Favorite.

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