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4 Foxy Get's Even

by James Zealy

Well now if thar is one true statement
A female knows how to get even
And Ms Foxy was still smartin' from
Tom Cat's scratches

I was in the kitchen readin'
This here Fox book
It was worse'n watchin' grass grow in a drought
The only good things was them pictures (They was real nice)

When I heard this loud ruckus
In the dadburn hen house
That fox is at it agin
Soes out I go and Tom is
Right at the door just a yowlin'

I barely gets the door open afore
Tom is off like a load O buckshot
Headed straight for the hen house
That Foxy was just waitin'

By the time Tom gets to them chickens
Foxy careens outta the hen house
Running like a red '57 'vette
Tongue out and wild eyed

She Runs over poor Tom
Standin' there justa frozen
She musta gotten kinda crazy
Cuz she started runnin' laps
Round and round the hen house
Faster and faster makin' sure
She drilled Tom Cat each time (Now not that way dang it)

After while I done lost count
Until she darted back to the hen house
Tom picked his self up and
Headed after her (He don't learn much does he?)

Foxy was waitin' right thar bye the door
Smacked Tom right in his privates (Ouch)
That Poor cat screeched out loud like he was dead (He wishes)
Whilest Foxy headed for the woods bouncin'like a jack rabbit

I picked up poor Tom and carried him to the house
Just a yowlin'
Dadgum Fox, When I finish this here book
I'll know how to gettcha just you wait.


Posted on 09/14/2005
Copyright © 2021 James Zealy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 06/15/10 at 03:46 PM

only two suggestions... "justa awaitin'" mebbe trim that there down ta "justa waitin'" and "a red 1957 Corvette" to "a red '57 Corvette". Another great installment!

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