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3 Fox lernin' The Hunter Goes

by James Zealy

Well Now it's embarassin'
That dang fox, she's a fool maker
And I'm the fool
So, I decided it's time
To get some fox lernin'

So down to the Davidson County Library I go
I hobble in dressed in my bib overalls, Carhartt hat and Red Wing Boots
Glasses duct taped up (It'll fix anything)
Cursin' words my Mamma woulda slapped me for

The Library lady just stared like I was some sorta fair exhibit
I asked real loud "You got somethin' that'll lern me how to catch a fox?"
She looked right stern and told me to keep my dadburn voice down
I was sorta unsure 'bout this here whole thing

Whilst she was a lookin' up foxes
Outta the corner of my eye I sees
This lady and she's bout ready to bust a gut
She waves me over thar (she was real nice)

I could see right quick she wasn't from here
She spoke kinda foreign
Her hair was 'bout the color of my water pipes (They was copper)
And her eyes twinkled like she was always inta somethin' (and she was)

She laid down her book and started askin' me bout this here fox
I started tellin' her all the details and it weren't long
Before she hushed me
Lead me to a book
Told me to read it

She told me, "If you want to catch a bloody fox (specially a female)
You have to write down all the tricks she pulls
or else she will keep on doing them.
Let me see what you write and I'll tell you
What your doing wrong."

Well now, I stared at the book,
Turned to say thank yah m'am
Only to find I was talkin' to thin air
It was right spooky

I shuffled to the library door
Mumblin' dag gone, I hope she's right
Least she coulda done was say good bye
So home I went to start my fox lernin'


Posted on 09/13/2005
Copyright © 2021 James Zealy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Alison McKenzie on 09/14/05 at 06:17 PM

My only suggestion would be concerning the apparent break in one of the speaker's speech patterns in the (parens) where you say "especially" I think this fellow would have said "specially". Otherwise, right clever there Mr. Zealy. I am looking forward to the next installment!

Posted by A. Paige White on 06/15/10 at 03:40 PM

This series is so awesome! The fifth stanza, the copper pipe description of the soon to vanish, fox lernin' instructor shines more brilliantly polished than her hair! AWESOME!

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