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2 Fox Hunter part 2 (Foxy gets A layer)

by James Zealy

Well now After gettin'
Demounted by that thar fox (I could use some mountin')
I havta figure how to keep
Her from making a feast
Of all the layin' chickens (Now getcher mind outta the gutter)

So now a light bulb goes on (It's cracked)
How's about sickin' Tom Cat (Bodacious male cat)
On Yon fox
Well You gotta see Tom
He's a right handsome blue eyed Yellow Brute
Just itching for a good clawing match
And that foxy critter is just the target

So's I put Tom in the hen house
And wait with Bubba to see what that darn
Foxy Fox would do (she's right purty for a chicken eatin' fox)
Sure nough Ole Foxy slinks into the hen house
And grabs one of the hens by the gullet

Ole Tom Hisses like a rattler waiting to strike
And jumps on Foxy's back claws just a barred
When chemistry happens (He is a Tom Cat)
Next thing I knowed ole Tom is getting romantic (He'll go after anything)
And fur starts a flyin'

Foxy darts for the door
With Ole Tom hot (to trot) in pursuit
I jump on chesty (forgot to tighten the cinch)
And Call to Bubba "Get that darn Fox"
Chesty goes in a full bore gallup

The saddle starts to slide
Glasses Get trampled
I hold on for dear life
As I get a better view of Chesty's belly
And the waitin' cow pasture (Cow Pie's away)

Meanwhile Foxy, scratched and clawed, jumps
Down her hole tale high and invitin'
While Ole Tom yowls in frustration
At the missed opportunity
Whilst I land face first in the uninvitin' pie

Damn, broken glasses
Eating an unspeakable pie
And still that Foxy fox
Got Away agin as I bellow
"I'll getcha yet doggone you Fox!!!!"
As I limp back to the farm house


Author's Note: Part Two in a series

Posted on 09/01/2005
Copyright © 2021 James Zealy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Alison McKenzie on 09/01/05 at 05:02 PM

It's beginning to look a little like Road Runner and the Coyote....hehehe.

Posted by A. Paige White on 06/15/10 at 03:34 PM

*guffaw* you know, I hate to admit it, but I've actually done the whole catastrophe of trying to ride into the sunset with a cinch that just wasn't tight enough... did miss the cow pies though! Thank God... Part 2 is fantastic, too!

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