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Do Not Call Me Woman

by Amy Niggel

You can call me a bitch,
you might well be right on that.
Call me a whore,
a slut,
a tramp.
Call me an asshole
if it makes you feel better.
But do not call me Woman
and make it sound like an insult.
Do not take the one thing
that I can never deny myself being
and make it something derrogatory.
Use any slur,
any swear you'd like to on me.
But do not make my womanhood a sin.
I shall always be a woman,
you cannot take that away.
But you can strip it down
make it a four letter word
a negative thing to be.
Yes I am a woman,
that does not make me less than you,
or subject to your whims
or obligated to your desires.
I am a woman
that makes me a mother of mankind
a bearer of the future
a hope for new life.
So go ahead
call me a bitch
a whore
a slut.
Call me every bad name you can think of
but do not diminish the value
of being a woman.


Author's Note: Just getting annoyed with some friends who insit on refering to thier girlfriend as 'woman'.

Posted on 07/01/2005
Copyright © 2021 Amy Niggel

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