Destruction of the World in a Dream

by Amanda Bullington

Destruction of the World in a Dream

Even Lady Liberty has lost
Her characteristic stoicism.
It was washed away in the flood
That drowned all those teary faces,
So young, and so blissful they
Once were, to look with wonder
Through the Lady's sparkling eyes
Toward the harbors of their past.
How tall, how powerful, how eternal
They had felt in youth.

They'll now peer through her eyes
Forever; hundreds of tiny irises
Gazing solemnly through hers,
Blocked from sight by the cataclysms
Of briny water drowning them,
Reeking with the smell of mildew
And things long since rotten.
No one breathing will feel this
Attack upon their senses, thus none
Will clean the bodies, returning
Them to ever. Forever, they will lie
Adrift as sleeping people lie.

So has come the destruction of the
World; the Big Apple quenched its
Children's thirsts at last in
Bringing them to sea. A million
Rainstorms crashed upon the city,
And no one will ever know. But
Never fear, survivors, on the
Corner of 5th, a desolate stand
Still sells "End of the World"
T-shirts to make your sweet
Unlucky memories last an eternity.


Author's Note: Yes, another real but tragic dream. A dam broke, and drowned all the inhabitants of NYC.

Posted on 05/21/2005
Copyright © 2023 Amanda Bullington

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